Friday, 27 January 2012

Nasi Lemak @ Stall along Jalan Madmoodiah in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

In case anyone wonders how I find my good eats in Johor, one of my favourite methods is to observe where people vote with their stomachs and pockets i.e. where there is a crowd, I will investigate as to what is drawing them in. Sometimes, I am rewarded with a lucky find. Today is another such time.

I stumbled upon this no name, no sign board road side stall along Jalan Mahmoodiah in Johor Bahru across the road from the famous Warung Saga. Judging by the capacity crowd inside its corrugated zinc roof shed, this stall is clearly popular and well known among the locals.

This popular stall does a brisk business and offers a wide range of traditional Malay dishes and snacks for dining in and for take away.

To find this stall, look out for the prominent Johor Bahru Hokkien Association building and this ESSO petrol station along Jalan Air Molek.

The large building in the background is the JB Hokkien Association
This stall is just behind the JB Hokkien Association building.

I tried out their nasi lemak and added a piece of Malay style fried chicken. These two items seemed to be the most popular with the customers here. This nasi lemak combination set came to RM4.50 altogether.

Packing nasi lemak for take away

The nasi lemak (white rice boiled with coconut milk) is fragrant, tender and fluffy.

The tasty Malay style fried chicken, well marinated with spices and wrapped with a light batter, is freshly fried at the stall. A new batch is fried whenever the chicken is sold out.

The fried chicken flies off the table as soon as they come out of the wok, keeping the cook very busy.

I shall definitely be back to try out the other items on their extensive menu such as this cheerfully prepared mee goreng (Malay fried noodles). 

Restaurant name: No name (near Warung Saga)
Address: Along Jalan Madmoodiah in open space just behind the JB Hokkien Association building and the ESSO petrol station
GPS: 1.465265,103.753013
Hours: 7:00am to 12:00 noon

Date visited: 27 Jan 2012


  1. this is my favourite place to eat nasi lemak,and fried chicken..lontong also great to taste...
    if not mistaken,this nasi lemak stall open from 7am to 12pm only then continue by taukeh goreng pisang...

  2. Thank you for your visit and the information on the opening hours. I have adjusted the hours which I earlier got mixed up. Thanks again.

  3. WGOIJB brought me here.this blog of yours is wicked!although i can't eat them all,but i like reading ur posts.they make me miss jb even more!thanks a billion JK!

  4. Thanks a billion Syahirah. Your kind words encouraged me to eat and write more ;D

  5. Hi, we tried the 'nasi lemak ayam' at this stall after reading your blog. Not bad, but my favourite is still the stall in the Taman Sri Tebrau market. Have you tried it yet? It is the first stall in the row just next to the fruit stalls - the first stall just as you turn into Jalan Keris from the Tebrau Highway. Their ayam goreng is good, but my favourite is beef rendang, to go with the nasi lemak. Their lontong is good also.

    1. Yes, got to try the Sri Tebrau nasi lemak soon. Thanks for suggesting :)

  6. how much does the nasi lemak and fried chicken cost? Thanks.

  7. The warong still around ?

  8. So early. I am unable to go :(

  9. This place is opposite Warong Saga. Both are closed every Fridays. FYI.


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