Saturday, 10 March 2012

Siak Hong Back Alley Stalls @ Taman Century in Johor Bahru (Episode 1)

After stumbling upon blogger Michelle's funnily wacky and informative post on the back alley stalls in Taman Century, I was thrilled to check out the place for myself.

This place is behind the Standard Chartered Bank branch opposite Pelangi Shopping Centre.

By day, it is a quiet back alley.

At about 6pm, the stalls slowly emerge, the alley stirs to life and the hungry alley cats start streaming in. There are 10 push cart stalls here altogether.

My first stop was the laksa stall since Michelle rated it higher than the oft recommended Water Works Laksa.

This laksa is comparable to those in the well known shops. The curry is made with lots of ground spices and not too much coconut milk, which is also the style I prefer.

The tau puey (fried tofu skin) is my favourite part of any laksa. Here it is still crispy even after soaking up the laksa curry.

I then tried the fried kway teow as this dish is something I cannot easily resist.

The fried kway teow was the dry style. Tasty and not too oily or salty - which is the way I like my fried kawy teow. The tau geh (bean sprouts) were nicely done, fresh and crunchy.

By now, my stomach has no more room for anything else. So I just strolled along the alley to survey the place and plan for my return visit ☻

The chwee kueh (steamed rice cake) stall.

The yong tau foo stall. Looks like this stall has been upgraded from a push cart stall to a hole in the wall shop. Look, its wheels have been replaced by bricks and it has lost its canvas top ☻

The you char kueh (fried fritter) stall which also serves tau suan (boiled mung beans) ands pulut hitam (boiled black rice).

The mee hoon kueh stall.

The chicken noodle stall.

There are two different dessert drinks stalls here.

I was there just as the stalls were waking from their slumber and I was done before the place bloomed to its full glory. This means I need to come back and stay longer next time to appreciate the true spirit of this place ☻

Restaurant name: No name. Back alley stalls.
Address: Back alley behind shoplots along Jalan Harimau Tarom
GPS: 1.479637,103.763718
Hours: 6:00pm to midnight
Non Halal

Date visited: 14 Feb 2012


  1. the yong tau hu stall n the dessert stall which was set in the house that belong to the owner after they close shop they simply go in n sleep.most of the stall is 40years already .

  2. Thank you for the interesting info ;D

  3. This back alley was well known as Siak Hong corner mainly because of the Siak Hong furniture shop which has since moved, now its occupied by Std Chart bank.

    1. Haha thanks so much for the story. It will be great if we can add some old photos here ;D

    2. yea... only ol skool jb ppl still call it siak hong... mention to them let's go makan siak hong sure faham d... noobs will ask u to go to stan chart to makan ;p

  4. The Yong Tau Hoo stall actually sells very nice Hakka dried mee.. My absolute fav! n you'll be surprised at the price~ its super cheap~ :)

    1. Thanks Nicole. I like Hakka dry mee too. Thanks for recommending. I shall surely try this.


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