Tuesday, 6 March 2012

Roti Prata (Roti Canai) @ Restoran Md. Salleh in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru

Restoran Md. Salleh, now located in this unpretentious looking shop in Taman Pelangi, has been around for over 20 years. It sells nasi campur and mee goreng but is best known for its roti prata (also known as roti canai). To the many fans of Md. Salleh's, this is the best roti prata / roti canai in Johor Bahru.

It is Md. Salleh's famous roti prata that packs in the crowd at its daily golden hour which is breakfast time.

Md. Salleh's prata is not oily. You will not see an oil sheen on the surface of the prata or even oil traces on your plate after you finish. Yet, the prata is tender, moist and crispy

When you bite into Md. Salleh's prata it has a subtle crispiness, not a biscuit crisp. You can hear very fine cracking sounds in your ear bones. It sounds like the gentle folding of over starched clothes rather than the crushing of dry biscuits. (Those who were in the army in the days of starched uniform, know what I mean?) I am not sure how best to describe it but it is delightful to chew and hear.

Inside the prata, it is just the right balance of firmness and softness. Its texture is fluffy but not biscuit-like flaky. There is also hardly any trace of oil inside here.

Each dough is individually hand made at the shop, right there at the front. After vigorous tossing, flipping and stretching, it is folded up and set aside to let it breathe. 

When an order is made, the folded dough is flatten out, add ingredients like eggs and chopped unions, and then pan fried. I like my roti prata kosong i.e. plain with nothing added.

The fresh, crispy prata is crushed by clapping it sharply between the palms before serving with a small dish of dahl.

The dahl made with chickpeas is thick and not too spicy.  I would prefer my dahl to be hotter and have more kick.

Shop opens at 7:00am till 3:00pm. But the best time is to join the breakfast crowd and get the fresh roti prata straight off the frying pan.

Definitely one of my favourite pratas.

Restaurant name: Restoran Md. Salleh
Address: Jalan Pingai (Opposite Pelangi Leisure Mall)
GPS: 1.482377,103.773111
Hours:  7:00am to 3:00pm (closed on alternate Weds or Thurs)

Date visited: 1 Mar 2012, 29 Mar 2012


  1. For added information, I believe it's closed on Thursdays. I went on 08 Mar 12 and found it closed.

  2. Thank you for the information. I will check opening days with the shop and update this post. Appreciate it ;D

  3. I've checked with the lady boss this morning. They are closed every alternate Weds or Thurs (not fixed whether Weds or Thurs but closed alternate weeks).

  4. Gosh love the way you describe the bite!!! Humorous and I can imagine the crisp!!! Gosh gotta try this! Is it better that the one near the ciq? It used to be very good before when it was in the old shack but now not so good anymore. Sigh.

    1. I like both but this one is best to go during the busy times like breakfast. They tend to make many pieces (in bulk) and will serve these when they are less busy (like in the afternoon).

  5. Oh you mean they serve you roti that's not been freshly made?

    1. They are probably no more than 30 minutes old at most but if you want them straight from the pan, go when business is brisk. I am just fussy :P

  6. the dahl were nice but lady boss is stingy! not happy when collect 2nd round of dahl. else, the rest are fantastic.... lastly, those who drive, pls display parking coupon, i got a parking summon just 2 lots away form the shop!

  7. Just had our breakfast here. So satisfying. Exactly how you described it! Thanks Johorkaki :)

  8. their chicken curry is rather unique... serai flavoured... but used to be much thicker when they were in tmn sri tebrau... now very cair... :(
    lady boss has the most stuck up face ever! but she's been always like dat ;p

    1. This shop is near to my house, but I have never tried that. Instead, I have had Roti Canai @ Restoran Al Mahsur, along Jalan Serampang, about 100 m away from Lavender Bistro HQ towards Jalan Tebrau. You have no problem getting a parking lot early in the morning. The shop is brighter as it is at the corner lot, not enclosed, the cooking looks to me more hygienic. Does Johor Kaki have a photo of the lady boss so that I can avoid her when getting a second round of gravy. No problem to have three rounds at Restoran Al Mahsur.

  9. you guys should try the sotong sambal with the roti!! Thats what makes this place the best place to have roti canai :D


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