Saturday, 3 March 2012

Salted Egg Yolk Crab @ Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood in Kampung Kong Kong, Johor


Heard lots of good things about salted egg yolk crabs and so we ventured to Kampung Kong Kong to give it a try at Kong Kong Tai Son. It turned out to be a good find dining day – we are pleased with our good food find.


The salted egg yolk crab was delicious. The dish was quite dry – the savoury gravy made with salted egg yolk was paste-like and was addictive - it was not that drippy gravy found in other places. The gravy was made with mainly salted egg yolks, yet it was not too salty – just nice! The salted egg yolk paired especially well with the crab roe – a deadly combination extra rich in flavour and in cholesterol ☻


The meaty crab flesh was ocean fresh and had a naturally sweet, clean taste. It had a gentle bouncy bite that (admittedly I’m speculating here - experts please help me☻) can come only from “happy” crabs.


The live crabs at Tai Son are kept in large blue tanks bathe in a constant stream of clean sea water. This is unlike other places that keep their stressed out, half alive crabs in dry glass tanks/ Styrofoam boxes and stacked on top of each other. (Similar to comparing factory chicken with kampung chicken, I guess.) I speculate that the morale of the crabs ultimately gets reflected in the texture of the crab’s flesh. Those stressed out, half dead crabs have mushier, “watery” flesh.

However, on the day of our visit, Tai Son only had local crabs and not the larger Sri Lankan variety which is my favourite.

The salted egg yolk crab cost RM68 per kilo – love it ☻

The enjoyment of the crab was enhanced by the ambiance of this place – nice sea view with a subtly salty sea breeze.

->> Enjoy live seafood and sea breeze by the sea.

Restaurant name: Kong Kong Tai Son Seafood Resort

Address: Lot 33, Kampung Kong Kong Laut, Masai, Johor
GPS1.513555, 103.999606
Hours: (Saturday)

Non Halal


Date visited: 1 Feb 2012

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  1. strange that they keep them in water. the reason most places keep them in dry tanks is the crabs are less active in dry conditions, preserving the muscle fibres and texture. if you keep them in water, they are more active, and the muscle degenerates because the crabs are not being fed, but are still moving about a lot.

  2. hmm I shall check with my friend who runs a restaurant and keeps crabs fresh in large concrete tanks. I understand they feed the crabs for a few days to let them grow flesh...


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