Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The Best Tofu 豆腐 Dishes in Johor, Malaysia

Any Chinese restaurant would typically have at least a couple of tofu 豆腐 dishes on its menu, and it has been my habit to order a tofu dish to go with my meals.

Most times, the tofu tasted average and forgettable, while at other times it was simply marvellous.

In this post, I am sharing those memorable tofu dishes I experienced at the various restaurants. This post will be updated whenever I discover a good tofu dish.

This simple steam home made tofu at Shui Sean restaurant is one of my favourites. No frills here – just a freshly made creamy white tofu brick garnished with a light, soy based sauce and shallot oil, and topped with chopped spring unions and fried shallots. The fragrance of fresh soy beans and fried shallots combined with the melt-in-your mouth tenderly soft tofu to create an exquisite taste experience that stays in my memory.

Tapai Tang’s fried home made tofu was an excellent rendition of this classic. The skillful chef simply fried the tofu perfectly. Its crispy skin outside was fine and thin, yet its inside was silky smooth and soft, and still had the pleasant aroma of soy beans. The sweet and mildly salty sauce was deliciously fragrant and blended well with the subtle flavour of the tofu. This is definitely one of the finest and tastiest fried tofu that I had ever tasted.

This simple braised tofu from the lo bak stall at Tua Thow kopitiam is the perfect complement to the marvellous kway teow thng (soup) at the same coffee shop. This fresh homemade braised tofu was smooth, tender and yet still had that slight bounce. The savoury braising sauce was light and subtle, and so did not compete with the famous Tua Thow kway teow thng's flavours in any way. Just the perfect match.

When I dine at these restaurants, I will surely add these tofu dishes in my order again J


  1. where are these restaurants? normally in your post you have these excellent links to a map ;)

    1. Hi lola, you can click on the text links to the restaurants i.e. Shui Sean and Tapai Tang. The links will take you to the full article on the restaurants and the maps. Thanks :)

  2. Try the one in Bukit Indah, Hook Sang restaurant which opens from 4pm onwards. The house tofu is amazing! Crisp outside and smooth inside. :)

    1. Thanks Ann for the suggestion. Will definitely try it :)

  3. Zhiwei Restaurant @ Ungku Mohsin is the best!


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