Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Fish Ball Noodles and Char Siew Pau @ Bebola Ikan Anthony in Yong Peng, Johor

Yong Peng is well known for stalls serving dishes made from the meat of Ikan Parang (Wolf Herrings). The ikan parang meat is made into fish balls, fillings for yong tau foo, or fish cakes.

Bebola Ikan Anthony is an established and large corner restaurant famous for its dishes made with ikan parang. It has an air conditioned section and also a shady open section.

Everything they sell here is freshly made on the premises.

As we were rather hungry, coming directly from Singapore on empty stomachs, we wolfed down the food rather quickly. I forgot to savour the food slowly to thoroughly appreciate the subtleties in taste and texture ;-p

Our meal here was a positive experience.  The food, service and environment were all good, pleasant and nice.

The noodles mixed with flavourful sauce made from soy sauce, shallot oil and lard were crunchy and tasty. Basic and nice.

For the rest, the main thing I could remember was everything was super fresh and the taste relied mainly on the ingredients’ freshness. Texture wise the fish and vegetables all had a natural bounciness as they were all fresh. There was absolutely no hint of fishiness, sogginess or limpness in any of the food at all.

When I got home to research on Foochow cuisine as Yong Peng’s Chinese are mainly Foochow people, I realised that relying more on the food’s natural flavours and less on sauces and spices is the distinctive characteristic of Foochow food. No wonder, that was what I felt about my meal at Anthony’s ;-p

Anthony also sells char siew paus (buns 叉烧包 ) which are likewise freshly baked right where we can see the whole process from where we were seated.

The piping hot paus were delicious – the flaky, crispy baked crusty skin was generously stuffed with flavourful juicy minced pork.  

Will I stop by again at Yong Peng on future trips along the Northsouth Expressway (NSE)? Yes, definitely because besides good fish dishes like Anthony’s, Yong Peng has that quaint small town charm with many restaurants that still do things the traditional Foochow way. More about that next time :-D

Restaurant name: Anthony Fish Ball
Address: 18, Bawah, Jalan Bayan, Taman Semberong Barat, Yong Peng, Johor
GPS: 2.010455,103.067915
Hours: 7
Non Halal

Date visited: 18 Apr 2012


  1. wow the fish ball is huge! :) johor really has so many yummy food

    Latest: Freshest Sashimi Ever

  2. Yes, Johor is full of gems and I must go back to Yong Peng for more good stuff. Hey, your blog is awesome. Your photos are stunning (I am not exaggerating). I am following you ;D

  3. One vote for you your very informative blog and your hard works. Keep it up!

  4. Thank you, I am having fun actually ;D

  5. Hi, You should tried another fishball and noodles in yong peng.
    We locaL are visit the restaurant : ( jin ji fishball noodles.
    it is located at the same lows at anthony. you will see them on your left after the traffic light.

    you should try the Foonchew 'Low mee" at Ah ta house along the main road
    here is the address.

    We locals are highly recommend it and we do bring friend to these restaurant as well.

  6. There is another Original Fishball shop, Yuan Yean Fishball Eating House, first in Yong Peng that made Yong Peng famous for fishball.

    1. OK Thanks. I shall look out for Yuan Yuan at my next visit to Yong Peng. Appreciate your info :)


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