Monday, 2 April 2012

Wanton Mee @ Restoran Uncle Koh in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai


Uncle Koh is an established wanton mee shop in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah (TUTA) with a strong following in Skudai. Customers stream in constantly at all times for a meal (lunch) or for snack of homemade wanton mee.

The tender noodles are crunchy and springy. The sauce has a distinctive lard and sesame oil aroma. Basically, old style, which is my favourite style

Wanton-Mee-Restoran-Uncle-Koh-Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah-SkudaiThe wanton skin and minced pork fillings are soft and smooth with that distinctive sesame aroma. The clear soup is pork bone based and has a robust anchovy flavour. Nice!
These are three pictures on the wall at the shop showing the owner Uncle Koh at work at his old stall at Taman Johor Jaya. Obviously, he was having fun and passionate about his trade. I love meeting and seeing passionate people at work. It inspires and energises me ☻


Today (Mar 2014), Uncle Koh is still having fun.

Wanton-Mee-Restoran-Uncle-Koh- Taman-Ungku-Tun-Aminah-Skudai

Uncle Koh's staff cooking the wanton noodles.

Johor is crowded with good wanton noodle shops and stalls, so the customers' expectations are tuned rather high. In this crowded field, Uncle Koh's homemade wanton noodles stand with the best.


Restaurant name: Restoran Uncle Koh
Address: 106 Jalan Pahlawan 2, Taman Ungku Tun Aminah, Skudai
GPS: 1.521428,103.663516
Hours: 7:00am to 4:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 28 Jan 2012, 30 Mar 2014

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  1. the smile on Uncle Koh's face!

  2. also try the fried wanton and yong tau fu. they're delicious.

  3. i love their wonton mee


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