Thursday, 17 May 2012

Traditional Chinese Cakes and Biscuits @ Hua Bee 和美 Bakery in Tangkak, Johor

Hua Bee 和美 traditional bakery is one of the most famous in Tangkak, Johor. It was founded more than 60 years ago by the family matriarch and celebrates its founding every 9th Aug. Today, Hua Bee is run by the 3rd generation carrying on the family tradition.

The production process centres around this large marble slab. It is a family affair - everyone is involved in the production chain. 

Here the water and oil (lard is used here) based doughs are put together. This is the crucial step that produces that signature crispy, flaky 酥 crust of traditional Chinese biscuits. 

The fillings are hand moulded with this pressing device. Look how big the tau sar 豆沙 (red bean paste) fillings are J

This is the last stage of hand moulding the biscuit by the lady boss before sending it to the oven.

This step of brushing the biscuits with a thin coat of beaten eggs is known as "egg wash". 

Piping hot tau sar piah 豆沙饼 straight out of the oven.

The wide range of freshly made traditional pastries that Hua Bee offers.

The biscuits are still packed in these quaint old style paper wrappings.

These are some of the goodies we bought. As Hua Bee's biscuits make great, affordable gifts, locals and tourists buy them by the bagfuls. Even Singaporeans order their traditional wedding biscuits all the way here for distribution to relatives and friends back home. 

Restaurant name: Chop Hua Bee 和美
Address: 10, Jalan Solok, Tangkak, Johor
GPS: 2.266427,102.539112
Hours: 8:00am to 6:00pm (Closed on Monday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 10 May 2012

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  1. wow,you are on a bakery spree?

  2. hahaha I was suddenly fascinated by traditional family run bakeries ;D

  3. If only these were halal....sigh


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