Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Famous No Name Wanton Mee in Kampung Pandan, Johor Bahru

Besides the famous Poh Kee wanton mee, there is another popular wanton mee stall in the same row of stalls in Kampung Pandan.

This one has no name and is run by a mother and daughter team.

Though this stall have no name, it is very popular among locals - just look at the crowd here. There was no free table except for that table baking under the scorching sun; even then, all the chairs were gone.

For a change, I ordered a mee pok instead of the usual wanton noodles. The noodles were softer than their brand name neighbour's but still al dente. The savoury sauce was slightly tangy and wet, reminding me of the Pontian style of wanton noodles.

Both stalls (Poh Kee and no name stall) and their different styles of wanton noodles have their respective fans and many eat at both stalls.

Seen from this angle, the wanton looked like a juicy cicada.

The wantons at no name stall were soft, smooth and fragrant.

I also ordered fried tofu and fried tofu skin.

Not very photogenic but yummy!

The fried tofu was good and the fried tofu skin was even better. Despite soaking in the soup, the fried tofu skin was still crunchy.

Their neighbour, Poh Kee also offers fried tofu skin. I guess fried tofu skin could be the distinctive signature of Kampung Pandan wanton noodle stalls.

The small mountain of chilies gives us an idea of the volume of customer traffic at this no name stall.

The gentleman who shared the table with us was clearly a fan of this no name stall. He convinced us that we have to came back for this stall's popular curry mee.

Restaurant name: No name wanton mee
Address: Jalan Loo Hong Joon. Once you enter the side
street from Tebrau Highway, the stall is about 500
metres inside. As you enter, you will see old shop
houses/ coffee shops on both sides. Pass the MCA branch
on the right and the small row of food stalls is on your
GPS: 1.525996,103.767483
Hours: 6:00am to 1:00pm (closed on Tuesday)

Date visited: 26 Jul 2012


  1. the noodles look so different! they made it themselves?

  2. Ya, this is one of the best in JB.

  3. You can have it at Desa Tebrau too, name as Poh Kee wantan mee. :)

  4. actually the daughter is my friends … very nice for the mee

  5. I had try both stall but the no name soup itself taste better than Poh Kee


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