Sunday, 2 September 2012

CLOSED. Kafe Enampuluhan along Stulang Laut, Johor Bahru, Malaysia

Kafe Enampuluhan is one of the most popular cafés for casual dining in Johor Bahru. Breezy and spacious, across the road is the beach and the scenic Straits between Singapore and Johor.

Together with my friend Kumes, we tried three of their most popular items, namely their renowned Stulang Laut mee rebus, nasi goreng Pattaya and fried bee hoon.

True to form, the Stulang Laut mee rebus was a cut above. The gravy was heavy (not drippy), thick, not too spicy, fragrant from the spices, and slightly sweet. A squeeze of calamansi added a little tanginess and the signature crackles made the plain yellow noodles more interesting.

The fried bee hoon was well executed with clear evidence of wok hei (intense heat radiating from the wok). The bee hoon was dry and tasty with the slightly spicy sauces well absorbed by the rice vermicelli.

As you can see on the plate, there was very little, if any residual oil, which is the way I like my fried bee hoon.

The Pattaya fried rice was nicely done too. I liked that touch of writing the number 60 on the rice with mild chili sauce.

Simple fried rice with just diced carrots, spring unions and wrapped with fried eggs.

Everything is laid back and casual at Kafe Enampuluhan. The food is simple and decent with nothing overwhelming, and herein lies its charm to me. Here we can relax over a nice meal and a cool iced tea overlooking the Straits, without the food becoming a distracting topic of discussion. Even foodies want to talk about things other than food, sometimes :)

Restaurant name: Kafe Enampuluhan
Address: 69, Jalan Ibrahim Sultan (off Stulang Laut), Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.462929,103.774226
Hours: 11:00am to 1:00am

Dates visited: 21 August 2012

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  1. Hi, another yummy place to hang out. I like their fried mee hoon.

    Have a nice weekend.

  2. This shop will be closing down next year because the rental is going to expired (from the owner). A new shop has already opened in Taman Molek (near the center market)

    1. Thanks Yong Kang for the info. We are going to miss the special ambiance at Stulang Laut :(

    2. argh! no! i hope this dosent happen. its such a nice breezy area and so close to my house!Did they mention exactly when? I saw the fliers about the new shop, but it just mentioned it was a branch....

  3. spoke to the owners, they have opened a branch in molek, but no plans to close the current branch.

  4. should drink the guava asam too! u can hardly find it in somewhere else!

  5. never been to their new outlet, but the original stulang laut mee rebus stall is still operating within the same premises.

  6. Hai Guys, Some update for your record and history of Stulang Mee Rebus, it all started back as far as ninety can't remember exactly .Where me and my friends use to eat stulang mee rebus for lunch. Stulang mee rebus started as a small stall operate by and malay man helped by his sons inside an old shop lot next to the present Hongkong Restaurant. There was only a few chairs/table and one long table and long wooden stool where me & my friends sit next each other like sitting/eating in a canteen. It was always a long queue especially during lunch time. The mee rebus was really delicious
    as the gravy was freshly cooked daily . We always like the taugeh put on top as to really feel the crispy of the taugeh against the mouth watering hot ,sweet saucy gravy of the mee rebus.
    The old shop lot was demolished and Stulang Mee Rebus move the the new place at ground floor Bangunan Sultan Ibrahim which house the present Open University. I still remember eating Stulang Mee Rebus top up with Otak Otak Gelang Patah back then it was the only otakotak known. It was there for few years until they again move next present Grand Fiesta Restaurant still at Jalan Ibrahim Sultan. I always tapau back coz there always no parking . They moving out again but I did not know where to until I happen to past by Tmn Molek and the Signage shows Kafe Enam Puluhan and a small banner stated Mee Rebus Stulang. The food at Kafe enampuluhan is nice, good, tasty foods and the chef has been a good friend to me since. They still serve mee rebus the last time I went.
    That it for Stulang Mee Rebus , Mee rebus Stulang also in Larkin
    Note: johorkaki just update u on meldrum walk


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