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Johor Seafood - Star Chef Seafood Restaurant 星名廚 in Gelang Patah (near Legoland), Johor

I have been wanting to visit Restaurant Star Chef 星名廚 ever since they moved (on 12 Oct 2012) to their new address in Gelang Patah (from Skudai). This afternoon, we were at Restaurant Star Chef at the gracious invitation of Alex, the boss.


Unlike the air conditioned premises at Skudai, here at Gelang Patah, Star Chef is an open concept restaurant, airy and more spacious. The ambiance is informal, relaxed and comfortable - the perfect setting for easy, casual dining with buddies and family.

Locating Restaurant Star Chef was a breeze as it is along the same stretch of road with many seafood restaurants. Restaurant Star Chef is highly accessible from Singapore via the Second Link at Tuas/ Gelang Patah. As good foodies, once we arrived, we quickly got down to the serious business of eating without much ado :)

Braised-Duck Roast-Duck-Star-Chef

When at Restaurant Star Chef, I always have their braised duck and roast duck as Star Chef is one of the few places that still uses live ducks for cooking. And, as always, Star Chef's ducks always pleases. The braised duck was tender, savoury and naturally sweet. The roasted duck had that herbal taste and flavour, was tender and the skin was nicely crispy. (Update: Live ducks are no longer available in Johor.)

Plate of braised duck, roast duck and char siew RM15

Today, Alex also wanted us to try his char siew. I purposely indulged in a couple of slices of the fatty pieces and they were well worth the cholesterol. Soft and luscious with BBQ pork flavour.

When ordering crabs, we decided to be adventurous - rather than the usual safe choices of chili crab, black pepper crab, and crab cooked with salted egg yolks we tried two styles that we never had before. These were Restaurant Star Chef's signature crabs.


This was on the menu as the King of Crab - well, with a delicious name like this, we just got to put it to the (taste) test :P The crab arrived in a puffy bag made with aluminium foil.


The staff carefully slit the bag open with a pair of scissors and tah... dah.... there was.... another bag. This time made with a large dried lotus leaf.


Alex then personally cut open the lotus leaf bag, and inside was the large crab baked with a spicy, tangy sauce and lots of pepper corns, onions and a bit of chili. Most of us liked the spicy, tangy taste with the juicy crab meat though one of us felt it might be an acquired taste.


This was the Butter Cream Crab with Coconut Milk. The taste and flavour was similar to butter crabs and with the twist of fragrant touches of fresh coconut milk and shredded coconut flesh. The butter and coconut based gravy was creamy, tacky and sweet. We all liked this as it went very well with the thick and juicy crab meat.

Crab prices are, of course, seasonal. For today, it's RM68/ kg for the medium sized ones.

Tong Po Pork RM13

One of us had a craving for classic Tong Po pork and ordered it immediately on seeing it on the menu. When the Tong Po pork arrived, I was thrilled by the glazed and giggly tender look of the braised pork. We were all mouth watering but everyone had to indulge me as I took my usual amount of time to get my best pictures. Sorry guys, I know, I am slow :P


When we finally got the chance to sink our teeth into the Tong Po pork, we were all well rewarded by the savoury sweet soft meat.


Alex offered us this Seafood in Pumpkin soup which was an off menu item at RM36 (for 4 to 5 persons). It's savoury sweet creamy pumpkin soup with chunky pieces of button mushrooms, grouper fish meat, scallops and fish maw. It's like seafood chowder with cream of pumpkin soup.

Fried Yee Mee RM12

To round up our meal, we had an obligatory carbo dish - a simple Fried Yee Mee cooked with seafood broth. I liked this el dente noodles so much that I unknowingly ate more than what was necessary and polite :P


Our meal came with this complimentary herbal broth. I was not crazy about this, though the ladies were full of praise for it. They loved the  dang gui 當歸 flavour in the soup.

Gelang Patah is a very crowded field with more than a dozen seafood restaurants established in the area. Now, lucky foodies from Johor and Singapore are further spoilt with another attractive choice with the entrance of Restaurant Star Chef.

Click on the pictures to view my earlier posts on Star Chef Restaurant (when they were located in Skudai).

Click on the map to see my earlier posts when Star Chef Restaurant was in Skudai

Restaurant name: Restaurant Star Chef 星名廚
Address: 51, Jalan Gelang Emas 1, Taman Gelang Emas, Gelang Patah, Johor Bahru
Map: http://goo.gl/maps/qTJV6
GPS: 1.450726,103.585367
Hours: 09:30am to 10:30pm (Closed on alternate Thursdays)

Non Halal

Date visited: 28 Oct 2012

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  1. Pls tell me if this is the best tong po pork in Johor? if u have an even better candidate, pls let me know. The photos of the tong po pork r KILLING ME! Rgrds, DieHardX

    1. hahaha I need to try it at a few more places before I can tell you the answer :P Meanwhile, you can give Star Chef a try LOL.

  2. Will try at Star Chef but weird to eat tong po pork in seafood restaurant. Tried once at Jalan Molek 2/3 corner restaurant with kick-ass large image hanged outside. However, taste is disappointing. Sigh!

    Kou rou pau is also find if you have good recommendations. I try once at Yi Ji Noodle House, Permas Jaya (shophouse opposite AEON JUSCO Permas Jaya). Not bad!

    1. DietHardX,

      Sure no regret if u go try the Food at Star Chef, There's such a well known place to go.

      But if you decide to visit the restaurant, please give a call to them to reserve the crabs for you, then sure you manage to have a wonderful meals there.

    2. OK here are the numbers 012-775-6313, 019-772-6606, 07-556-2925.

  3. Just went there today, the taste is good, but waiting time is 1.5hour for the first dish..second dish is served after 0.5hour =2 hours..the whole dinner took us 3 hours to finish and not all the orders are served. We reached at 6.15pm btw.

  4. Dear Sir,
    Went there yesterday 9th Jul 2015 for lunch but they were closed.

    Johor kaki follower

    1. Dear Sunny, I am sorry to hear that. I have not been to Star Chef for a long time now. Perhaps, it is timely for a revisit. Thank you for your support and I welcome your suggestions and favourite eating places.


  5. It was meant to be a Wonderful Dinner prior leaving Malaysia towards our Small Island Country Singapore, unfortunately it will be a horrendous place for me to ever get there again!

    Yes, it was a tour package dinner meal and we are not the ones that take things for granted. So If we have anything which are excluded from the package, we will definitely pay extra of what we order additionally.

    Our Squid with shrimp paste sauce that we had was cool and undercooked. The salted egg crab came as though its been left on site for 10 mins before arriving at our table cool once again! We tried to keep our comments to ourselves to the extend where we had wanted to add one or two noodles within our meal but no one seems to come to us for assistance at all! Our hands were waving around and there were less than 4 tables included us but we were left feeling unseen. Sadly, not even someone come to have our empty dishes plates removed while more new dishes came for us.

    The workers or owners that were present , were in the worst manner that I had ever encounter before. I would travel long distance to have Great Food and presently even resides both in Asia or Europe. I would never ever get to this restaurant...No it's a Coffee shop with getai singing and 7th month ritual that makes you even want to leave this dreadful place asap.

    It's not because of the religious ritual but more of the overall attitude and culinary skills of this place that set you wonder why they were even within the blog of Johor khaki travel food Blog that and using this strategy to boost its business. So don't be fooled by its name Star Chef as Johore has nicer and much more hospitable Coffee shop or non air con restaurant that can even offer you more


I share hoping that everyone will have a good time but your experience may differ from mine. I love to know how you enjoyed yourself or if you didn't.

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