Friday, 30 November 2012

Closed - Western Food at Jitterbug Café in Plentong, Masai near Tesco Extra in Johor Bahru, Malaysia

I received an email from Sharifah Mun, the owner of Jitterbug Café to visit her newly opened restaurant in Plentong, Johor Bahru. Checking out Jitterbug's Facebook page, I was excited to visit the hip looking restaurant and try the dishes in their interesting menu.

Jitterbug is run by Sharifah supported by her staff and Chef Chin.

Sharifah let me try a few of Jitterbug's popular dishes.

Sharifah started us off with Jitterbug's mushroom soup. Well, mushroom soups made with fresh mushroom are fairly common in good mid price restaurants but at Jitterbug, the soup had a certain body and taste that set it apart. Chef Chin added barley in the mushroom soup which gave it a refreshing, sweet twist that blended well with the fresh mushrooms. We liked it.

Sharifah was eager to let us try Jitterbug's Ugly Duckling (RM22). Jitterbug's Ugly Duckling was anything but ugly. Between the nice buns were slices of tender juicy savoury lean smoked duck. The orange juice in the sauce and the slice of fresh green apple made this burger a stand out for me. This is my favourite dish of the day :)

Pardon me as I indulge in another picture of Jitterbug's delectable, beautiful Ugly Duckling. A Must Try, definitely.

Meet Johnny Bravo, Jitterbug's version of Beef Sliders (RM25.90). The beef burger made with a thick chunky piece of fresh beef patty. Pleasant beefy flavour and not overly salty which is a common fault of average beef burgers. Jitterbug's Johnny Bravo was likable and similar to beef burgers of better mid price restaurants. Johnny Bravo is a good choice for people who like meaty beef.

I love Jitterbug's chicken chop (RM27). The chicken was crispy outside. Inside it was tender and juicy. The chicken chop was drenched with a gravy that was savoury and had a refreshing, subtly tangy twist. The pieces of chicken were drippy and redolent with generous amount of subtly perky gravy. My friends know my preference for drippy gravy. I recommend this chicken chop, if you are looking for a satisfying, tasty meal.

We had Truffle Fries (RM16) to go along with our meal. It's regular French fries drizzled with truffle oil to give it that subtle earthly aroma associated with truffles. Trendy and a minor craze in Singapore now. Personally, I am not a big fan of fries and truffles didn't change that for me :P 

After our meal, Jitterbug had a good stock of fresh fruits for freshly squeezed and blended fruit juices to wash it all down.

Jitterbug Café is a cool, well appointed place to chill with friends and family over soothing retro music and delicious food.

The walls at Jitterbug are adorned with cool pictures and art work. This picture I thought captures the spirit of Jitterbug well - hip, bold, innovative, energised yet relaxed, and welcoming. Sharifah welcome artists to showcase their work in Jitterbug by calling her at 019-906-3609.

Getting to Jitterbug Café from downtown JB or CIQ is a breeze with the EDL (Eastern Dispersal Link). Just 15 minutes driving, toll free! :)

Restaurant name: Jitterbug Café
Address: #G-33, Jalan Masai Jaya 1, Plentong, Masai, Johor Bahru (Next to Tesco Extra Plentong)
GPS: 1.522122, 103.813650
Hours: 11:30am to 10:00pm (Closed on Monday)
Not certified Halal, no pork, no lard served

Date visited: 29 Nov 2012


  1. Thanks for your review on the cafe. looking good and great. is Muslim can eat there too ?

  2. Jitterburg is not certified Halal, no pork, no lard served.


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