Sunday, 4 November 2012

Johor Kaki Welcomes Guest Bloggers

Makansutra Dinner

Dear reader,

One of my greatest pleasures in developing Johor Kaki blog was the new friends whom I made while food hunting and blogging. Many of my new friends are themselves highly knowledgeable about Johor food and we sometimes mused about them contributing to Johor Kaki blog.

After much thought, I have decided to accept guest posts on Johor Kaki blog.

If you enjoy Johor food like me and would like an opportunity to post about your dining experiences on Johor Kaki, I am glad to welcome you. It is, thus, my pleasure to share with you my guest post guidelines so that it will be fruitful for you, me and most important of all, Johor Kaki readers and the Johor food scene that we so love.

If you already have your own blog, you are also welcome. Guest posting on Johor Kaki lets you reach a very specific audience of substantial size for your blog and article. Johor Kaki receives at least 10,000+ page views a day. Profile of Johor Kaki readers are 40% Malaysian, 50% Singaporean and 10% other countries. As the author of the content, you will get full credit for your article and your blog site. You can also include a valuable backlink to your site.

Johor Kaki readers will benefit from fresh perspectives and different styles of writing and photography. I will personally ensure that all posts meet the high standards of accuracy, readability and usefulness on Johor Kaki blog.

Shanghai Mooncakes

Here are the guest post guidelines so that you, me and Johor Kaki readers can enjoy the best of Johor food blogging.

Guest Post Guidelines: For submission to Johor Kaki, your article:

  1. Must be your best original content. No duplicate content, please.
  2. Must be about Johor food and offer value to Johor Kaki readers.
  3. Text – At least 200 words and no more than 400 words in total, in English.
  4. Multimedia - No less than 5 high resolution, well composed photographs per article. About 8 is ideal.
  5. Must provide full information of Restaurant name, Address, Business Hours, Date of your visit to the restaurant.
If you are submitting a guest blog post, please follow these 2 steps.

Step 1: Submit your article to my email: johorkaki( at )gmail( dot )com. Please title your email “Guest Blog Request followed by your Blog Name”

Step 2: Your email needs to include:

  • Title of your article
  • Content (200 words minimum, 400 words maximum)
  • Minimum 5 high resolution, well composed pictures (more pictures better, 8 is ideal)
  • About you (4 sentences maximum, with 1 backlink to your own site)

Article and photographs submitted to me shall become the property of Johor Kaki. Johor Kaki reserves the right to edit the submitted article and photographs before publication on any Johor Kaki platforms. Johor Kaki also reserves the right (without providing explanation) to not publish any submitted articles or photographs.

As Johor Kaki is a non commercial, private community service project, there is no monetary or other compensation or rewards involved in guest blogging. Guest blogging is strictly on a voluntary and goodwill basis.

Wish you happy eating and blogging :)

Thank you.



  1. Hi Tony

    congrats! this is another milestone for Johor Kaki blog!

  2. Great blog. I started my own food blog on jb street food only to share and promote jb food to everyone and especially to attract people to visit jb. However was busy w work so didnt religiously update it. Good luck and happy eating and writing. I am still on the prowl to search for good food and will let u know so u can do ur wonderful blogs. Keep it up. Chris-livetoeat.blogspot

  3. Thank you, Chris. I have read your blog and I liked it too. Thank you for sharing :)

  4. Congrats! One of the best food blog you can find. I enjoy reading and there is a host of information. Thanks thanks thanks.

    Peter Lim from Singapore

  5. Thank you Peter. Glad you found my blog helpful. Wish you more happy reading and eating.

  6. Hello Johor Kaki,

    I'm Malaysia-Chinese but currently staying in Taipei. Actually, I will also post some J.B. food blogs in case to let Taiwanese know our delicious and tasty food here. And I would like to join your "Guest Post Plan", unfortunately my blog text in Chinese. However, we really enjoy reading your information, especially for us, those people staying abroad. Many thanks for your efforts.

    Jing from Taipei.


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