Thursday, 27 December 2012

Heritage Photos of Johor Hawkers

This post shares the precious heritage photos of Johor hawkers. If you have old photos of Johor hawkers which you would like to share here, please email a copy to, thank you.

Old Photos of Johor
Photo of the family that owns the Hock Chiang Hin dim sum shop. The founder is the gentleman on the left and the present 3rd generation owner is the little boy at his front. In the background is the 15 storey Lumba Kuda flats (now demolished to make way for the CIQ building). 
Old Photos of Johor
Taman Tasek kway teow kia started as a push cart stall under a big tree at a street corner.
Old Photos of Johor
The dad of Ah Kiang, the present 3rd generation owner of the mee pok stall at the 15 storey Lumba Kuda flats.
Old Photos of Johor
In 1994, when Ah Meng was working in the restaurants of New York City, he was invited to demonstrate his skills on America's News 12 Network. Ah Meng is probably the only Johor hawker who has been featured on USA TV.
Old Photos of Johor
IT Roo is still famous for their chicken chops. 

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