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Saturday, 2 November 2013

Johor Nasi Lemak at 七里香 Stall at Happy Land Cafe in Kulai


Just a couple of days after trying the fried chicken at Happy Land Café, I decided that I have to come back to Kulai with bloggie buddies to blog about this little nasi lemak 七里香 stall outside Happy Land Café 欢乐园饮冰室.


Restaurant name: Nasi Lemak and Fried Chicken 七里香 stall at Happy Land Café 欢乐园饮冰室
Address: 1-38 Jalan Pinang, Taman Kota Kulai, Kulai
GPS: 1.668227,103.578801
Hours: 11:00am to 4:30pm
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert


A simple plate of nasi lemak with ordinary ingredients. No fancy add ons but everything was in place and done well, making for a basic nasi lemak which all four of us agreed was outstanding.

The rice was a mound of gentle coconut milk perfume. The rice grains were the right texture, loose yet each grain was of the right tenderness.

The fried chicken had a surprising texture, a balance of tenderness and firmness with slight moistness still in the fibres. The chicken's subtle natural flavour was still present, while complemented by the marinade's more robust savoury flavour clinging onto the golden crispy skin.

The sambal was sweet from fresh unions bits with a mild spicy sting that lingers briefly.

The nicely done fried egg was almost grease free. 


We were on a day long food hunt in Kulai with an ambitious itinerary of many more food stops ahead, so we were ultra cautious about not wasting limited stomach space. But, 千里香 stall's crispy fried chicken was so good, we couldn't resist ordering this drumstick to savour it's seductive aroma and flavour one more time before setting off for the next stop on our Kulai "Eat List".

The Wong sisters run this humble corner stall, quietly plying their trade for the past 10 years. They seemed a little reserved and unaccustomed to unannounced visits and attention from pesky strangers with clunky DSLRs pointing at them clicking away. They must be wondering what the fuss was all about.


The Wong sisters at work. She would only let me take pictures of her hands :P


七里香 stall was doing a brisk business of takeaways.

The Wong sisters make their own sambal chili from scratch at the stall using red onions, chili peppers, garlic and spices.


Order a plate or two of this nasi lemak when you are at Happy Land, I am confident that you won't be wasting any calories :D

Dates visited: 30 Oct 2013


  1. The stall name should be 七里香, instead of 千里香 written by you.

  2. i thought the name of stall should be 七里香?

    1. You are right. I shall amend the post. Thanks for pointing out.


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