Sunday, 22 December 2013

Jakarta Street Food


I have always wanted to explore Jakarta street food as Indonesian cuisine has a strong influence in nearby Johor and Singapore. Nasi padang, mee soto and ayam penyet are all Indonesian, just to name a few.

Recently, I had the opportunity to try out Indonesian street food thanks to Jakarta Tourism Office and Winsemius Consulting. I've been to Jakarta several times in the past on business before my blogging days but never had the chance to experience the Jakarta streets. (Always cloistered in hotels and fed hotel or conference food.)


Jakarta street hawkers have the same buzz, energy and rhythm as the colossal city. The amazing self contained push cart kitchen stalls are small and narrow so that they can weave in and out of the ebb and flow of the city's famous traffic.


Most are one-man operations.


Yet the tiny stalls can whip up delicious hot meals and homely comfort to many customers everyday. This reflects the ingenuity, resourcefulness and hardy determination of the street vendors.


The texture, aroma, flavour and colour of the dish is a window to the hawker, his customers, the city they live in and their hometown.


The variety of food served by street vendors reflect the cosmopolitan metropolis of Jakarta. Street food from every corner of the archipelago find their way to the Capital and financial centre of the vast country. 

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(Acknowledgement: I had the privilege to experience Jakarta street food for three days, sponsored by Jakarta Tourism Office and arranged by Russell Cheong of Winsemius Consulting. Thank you so much.)

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