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Le Grandeur Palm Resort Johor Xin Shan Long 新山龙 Set Lunch

Yvonne from Le Grandeur Palm Resort invited me to try out the set lunch at the resort's Xin Shan Long 新山龙 which is part of Le Grandeur's Fusion Restaurant which includes Sobasei which serves Japanese cuisine.

Le Grandeur Palm Resort is located just next to Senai Airport and near to Johor Premium Outlets (JPO), LEGOLAND and the Little Red Cube. Some of us may remember the Sofitel and Mercure which previously ran this resort.


To locate Xin Shan Long 新山龙 in the sprawling resort, it is about 30 metres to the left of the resort reception/ registration. Look out for these large Japanese style box lanterns over the entrance to Xin Shan Long/ Sobasei.


Inside Xin Shan Long, the restaurant is decked out in classic Chinese fine dining style. There are tables with window views of the resort greenery.

Besides the a la carte menu, Xin Shan Long has a Chinese-Japanese Fusion Set Lunch menu which Yvonne invited us to try. The set lunches cater to 4 persons (RM88+), 5-7 persons (RM175+) and 8-10 persons (RM250+). There is a 6% government tax. No service charge is levied.

We tried the 5-7 persons set (RM175+).

Our lunch started with this mixed sushi set which is prepared by Sobasei restaurant - the Japanese half of Le Grandeur's Fusion Restaurant.


The fresh handmade sushi was a good start to the set lunch,


Next came the salted vegetables with bean curd soup. Appetising homely soup made with salted vegetables, carrots, tomatoes, spring unions, bean curd, fresh fish and shrimps.


Tender savoury chicken teriyaki with sweet notes. I love the charred skin :D


Stir fried ostrich meat with spring onion and ginger. Made with imported Australian ostrich, the meat is like thin slices of lean cut of beef. Tender, juicy, and well seasoned. I like this savoury dish.


Mapo tofu 麻婆豆腐 or Szechuan bean curd with minced chicken. Another savoury home cook comfort dish.


Stir fried shrimps with seasonal vegetables like broccoli, carrots and cucumbers. Lightly stir fried to bring out the natural flavours and crunchiness of the fresh ingredients.


To wrap up the meal, we had old school chilled longan with almond bean curd 杏仁豆腐.


Throughout, the friendly staff were attentive and cheerful, adding enjoyment to our lunch.

Our complimentary hot Chinese tea was constantly topped up by smiling staff :D The set lunch also come with free flow of steam rice to go with the tasty dishes.

If you are in LEGOLAND, The Little Red Cube, JPO or generally around Kulai and Senai, and are looking for a good place for group lunch, this lunch set offering by Le Grandeur Palm Resort is a very good option. While the food won't make many scream in delight, its homely goodness is very likeable.

The relaxed atmosphere at the leafy resort of sprawling well tended greenery, the classy ambiance of the cosy air conditioned restaurant with impeccable service, Le Grandeur's set lunch is definitely good value and a tasty deal.  


Restaurant name: Xin Shan Long 新山龙 (in Le Grandeur Palm Resort)
Address: Jalan Persiaran Golf, off Jalan Jumbo, Johor (near Senai Airport)
GPS: 1.650792,103.657425
Hours: 11:30am to 2:30pm (for Fusion set lunch deals)
No pork, no lard, no Halal cert

Date visited: 19 Dec 2013

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