Thursday, 16 January 2014

O'Briens Irish Sandwich Café in Taman Molek, Johor Bahru


I visited O'Briens Irish Sandwich Café in Taman Molek at the invitation of Nana, the owner of O'Briens' Johor Bahru outlet.

O'Briens is a sandwich chain founded in Dublin, Ireland, in 1988 and now has outlets around the world. O'Briens serves made to order fresh sandwiches, sort of like the sandwich version of Subway.

O'Briens arrived in Johor Bahru in Dec 2013.


Inside the bright, comfy, air conditioned O'Briens Irish Sandwich Café, the décor is simple, neat and clean. The wood flooring and wood furniture give the café a warm, homely feel. There is also an al fresco dining area with high top tables and stools.


O'Briens pride itself on using premium natural ingredients free of preservatives and added sugar.



A trained staff will assemble our orders on the spot in our view, using the fresh and chilled ingredients from the display chiller.


Every sandwich at O'Briens is freshly made.

Classic Triple Decker RM20.80

This is our O'Briens Triple Decker. I am not a sandwich person but I did enjoy this foot long sandwich with a bit of everything tucked between slices of toasted bread. There were chicken, cheddar, coleslaw, tomato, and mixed leaves. The ingredients though ordinary were indeed fresh and juicy.

The slices of chewy grilled chicken ham were an interesting and tasty experience that I remember well - this is the first time I had this. I am not a sandwich person, remember :P


The shambo which is O'Briens' signature shamrock shaped bouncy foccacia bread is a large hearty sandwich.


I stacked up the two halves so you can see how thick and how big a meal the shambo is.


Between the toasted shambo, there were multilayers of chicken ham, lettuce, coleslaw and melted cheddar cheese.

I like the shambo sandwich as I enjoyed the bouncy bread and it's slight herbal flavour. The fresh, chilly ingredients too were tasty and clean tasting. The shambo felt like a guilt free delicious, hearty, healthy meal. 

O'Briens is also known for serving good coffee.


Irish Cream Black Coffee RM7.50

When the Irish cream black arrived, I wasn't expecting much as it looked ordinary and light bodied. But, one sip got me grinning from ear to ear.

O'Briens' secret blend coffee made with Arabica has a unique aroma and flavour which I enjoyed.


I like the coffee so much, I asked Na Na for another round before leaving :D

Smoothies Classico RM13.50

We also enjoyed this icy real fruit Smoothie Classico.

A sandwich is a very convenient and flexible meal. If you are sandwich person, O'Briens' premium sandwiches would be one of the top choices in Johor Bahru. 


Restaurant name: O'Briens Irish Sandwich Café
Address: 73, Jalan Molek 3/1, Taman Molek, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.523608,103.786461
Hours: 8:00am to 11:00pm

Date visited: 7 Jan 2014

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  1. Been there 3x as waited for its opening since Reno. Total disappointment. The spoon & fox has stain, the sainwich were so so & the ice lemon tea tasted like lemon dishwash. It was the worst I had ever tasted. It didn't open recently, close shop already I think.


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