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Lim Soup Stall in Singapore


Leslie Tay of iEatiShootiPost blog invited me to join him for a visit to Lim Soup stall at Bukit Merah Central in Singapore.

Eric Lim, the owner of Lim Soup has a day job in financial services, partners Ah Xiang 亞祥 to run this simple kopitiam stall serving nourishing herbal soups.


Lim Soup is Eric's brain child and 亞祥 is the man who cooks and serves the soups and food at the stall. 


亞祥 who hails from Johor, has nearly 10 years of kitchen experience under his belt - he now singlehandedly runs Lim Soup's day to day kitchen operations. It's no mean feat for one man, considering the tiny stall's extensive menu.

I cannot help but be impressed by 亞祥's focus and single minded dedication at work at his soup stall.

We tried just a small sample from the menu.

Double Boiled Old Coconut Chicken Soup SGD7.50 (promo price) usual price SGD9.80

Eric and 亞祥 are especially proud of their unique double boiled herbal soups steamed and served inside an old coconut. I have never seen or tasted such a soup before.

The old coconut added another layer of flavour to the usual savoury pork and chicken bone stock. The coconut flavour was light - enhancing the soup's aroma without altering it's basic flavour. I like this.

Double Boiled Soup with Fish Maw SGD12.80 (order 1 day advance)

We also had this double boiled fish maw and herbal chicken soup.

I especially enjoyed the premium fish maw which was creamy and smooth like a gummy slice of delicately savoury cheese.


Lim Soup also serves the old less indulgent staples like watercress soup. Lim Soup's watercress soup is decidedly less greasy compared to those at other stalls.

Lim Soup uses no MSG or artificial flavour enhancers in their soups. In place of synthetic taste enhancers, Lim Soup uses dried scallops (Japanese conpoy) to provide the savouriness (the way my Cantonese ma jie gandma did). Lim Soups are therefore more delicate in flavour and does not leave us with a thirst afterwards. 

White rice - SGD0.50

To go with the soups, there's the basic white rice that comes with a generous sprinkle of fried white bait (silver fish). 


Besides the usual white rice, Lim Soup also offers the more healthful organic 3 colour rice.

Minced Pork with Salted Fish

Besides soup and rice, Lim Soup also serves steam pork mince in various flavours. The steam pork made quite an impression on me as their aroma reminded me of that which I smelled when I was a boy as my mum used to make this at home. I have not smelled this homely aroma for decades.


The steam pork mince were grounded roughly and mixed with chopped water chestnuts so that they have a moist, bouncier texture and nicer mouth feel. The steamed pork comes with various garnish - this is cordyceps and wolf berries.


Steamed pork with braised Chinese black mushrooms.


Steamed pork with premium Chinese wax sausage.


Lim Soup also serves simple side dishes such as fried cabbage which Ah Xiang executed very well.


Lim Soup also offers a delivery service with the soup, rice and side dishes sent to customers in this handy thermos flask.

Simple, healthful old school soups by young hawkers. Give it a try and your support.  

Restaurant name: Lim Soup
Address: BLK 161, Bukit Merah Central, Singapore
GPS: 1.283219,103.815876
Hours: 11:30am to 8:00pm (closed on Sunday and Public Holidays)
Non Halal

Date visited: 24 Jan 2014

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