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Weng Kee Roast Duck Restaurant 荣记烧腊 in Taman Century, Johor Bahru


I've noticed Weng Kee Roast Duck Restaurant 荣记烧腊 or 阿荣 in Taman Century for some time. It's always got a good crowd whenever I passed.


Weng Kee occupies two shoplots just across the road from KSL Mall. Weng Kee is an old name 老字号 in JB with over 30+ years' of history.


I took a while to admire these roast ducks hanging in the glass case. Duck is one of my favourite meats because it has it's own distinctive flavour and has a good blend of meat and fats.


Weng Kee also sells roast chicken which looked succulent and judging by it's crisp, golden brown skin appeared pretty well roasted too.


There were also large slabs of siew yok 烧肉 (roast belly pork) and long chains of char siew 叉烧 (roast pork).


Business was brisk and the boss with a helper were busy cutting up roast ducks and other roast meats.


As I was food hunting alone today, I asked for just a drumstick and a plate of rice. The set came to RM8.20.


The skin was thin and crispy. The flesh was juicy, tender, savoury and slightly salty. The slight gaminess of duck was barely detectable but it was there. I like it a lot.


The set came with a small bowl of brown sauce. I like to pour the whole small bowl of sauce over my rice. The brown sauce was sweet and savoury - perfect for flavouring the plain white rice.

Weng-Kee-Roast-Duck-Restaurant-Taman-Century-Johor-Bahru Weng-Kee-Roast-Duck-Restaurant-荣记烧腊-Taman-Century-Johor-Bahru

I was fascinated by this sticky plum sauce which is tangy, sweet, and salty. The lady boss told me that this plum sauce is house made. Love it x 10.

The chili sauce with ginger and garlic was good too.


Restaurant name: Weng Kee Roast Duck Restaurant 荣记烧腊
Address: 16, Jalan Serigala, Century Garden, Johor Bahru
GPS: 1.485930,103.761448
Hours: 9:00am to 8:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 23 Feb 2013

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  1. Went to Weng Kee yesterday. Overpriced and nothing to rave about. The portion given was so little (and small) that I couldn't even savour the meat. Perhaps it's because it's now run by their foreign workers.


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