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Lei Cha 擂茶 at Double K 雙 K Stall in Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru (Closed)


Rina and Alice, the owners of Double K 雙 K invited me to visit their food stall.

Double K 雙 K stall is located at the same location as the famous San Low seafood restaurant but operates only during the day (at 7:30am to 3:00pm). The popular seafood restaurant takes over at night.

People who worked or lived around Taman Maju Jaya or Taman Pelangi will recall that Double K 雙 K stall used to be along Jalan Maju. Double K 雙 K moved here about a year ago.


Double K 雙 K stall serves Hakka lei cha 客家擂茶飯 and a variety of Chinese 小炒 and home style dishes.


Alice and staff make the yong tou fu pieces fresh everyday at the stall.


The freshly made pieces of yong tau fu pieces ready for deep frying in the wok. I was struck by the fullness and generous amount of minced pork and fish fillings.


The yong tau fu pieces are fried right there at the stall.


As I came to Double K alone, I could only taste a small sampling of the stall's quite extensive menu. I chose lei cha as I like this dish.


The blanket of diced green vegetables, nuts and fried toufu laid on top of the bed of soft white steamed rice.  


The inviting green coloured gruel. Inviting and attractive to me, but people unfamiliar with this dish may need more getting used to it. Try it, and you may get addicted to this like me :P

Lei-Cha-擂茶- Double-K-雙-K-Stall-Taman-Pelangi-Johor-Bahru

Lei Cha is eaten by flooding the bowl of diced vegetables and rice with the green aromatic minty herbal gruel. 

The mix of vegetables and nuts, and gruel gives this dish an interesting variety of textures, tastes and aromas. 

May not be for everyone, but I can have this everyday.


The brown rice was really good. The grains were soft yet loose, discrete and separate easily. Go for this option, if you like nutritious, brown rice.

The lei cha set costs RM5.50 with white steamed rice and RM6.50 with brown steamed rice.

Yong tau fu RM1.30 per piece

We had freshly fried yong tau fu pieces with our lei cha. 


The yong tau fu pieces looked pregnant with pork and fish fillings. The fillings were tender, sweet and savoury while the vegetables were slightly crunchy.


Rina let me try Double K's Hakka deep fried pork 客家南乳炸猪肉.


The fried pork 炸肉 was very well executed. Crispy outside, still tender inside and the little cubes of well marinated pork had a pleasant savoury flavour. I like this a lot.


The nyonya style asam pedas fish head was excellent.


The fish which Alice personally bought from the wet market was fresh. The thick white meat was nicely done, just right. The asam pedas was slightly spicy and the fish was smothered under a heap of chunky, crunchy vegetables, chilies and fiery looking spices.

Double K (雙 K) stall is a good place for wholesome, nutritious meals at a convenient location and comfortable environment. Ample free street side parking is available. 

I shall be back to try Double K's other dishes.

Restaurant name: (雙 K) Double K
Address: Junction of Jalan Biru and Jalan Merah, Taman Pelangi, Johor Bahru (stall inside San Low seafood restaurant)
Hours: 7:30am to 3:00pm
Non Halal

Date visited: 27 Mar 2014

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  1. Eaten there before. Food is YUM!!!

    1. Went there on 1st nov 2014 11.30am all closed. Why? So disappointed. ..

  2. Went there on 1st nov 2014, 11.30am. Was closed except for drinks store. So disappointed, why were they closed?


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