Sunday, 20 April 2014

Royale Food Durian Dessert Video - Behind the Scene with Johor Kaki

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We had a lot of fun in the scorching sun making this video for Royale Food Durian Dessert :D

The video was made by Infinete Loop Media in the public park at Taman Merdeka.


Discussing the story board with Sean, the boss of Royale Food. We wanted the video to be humourous and entertaining.

I was supposed to be a lucky guy with a durian rolling pass me while I was practising tai chi in the park. 


Ken, the boss of Infinete Loop Media, showing me the tai chi 太極 moves.


The tai chi scene which was not used. Guess my flying crane stance didn't impress Ken :P

Anyway, while going through my tai chi movements, a durian rolled by.....

It wasn't some divine gift, someone had to toss it across my feet :P


Rolling the durian with bare hands didn't get it very far :P


Using a glove also didn't help very much.


In the end, what worked was to push (not kick) the durian with the sole of the shoe.

I was supposed to try to the open the durian with various means but fail. 


Attempting to open the durian with a karate chop. This scene was not used in the final video.


Tossing the spiky durian high into the air and letting it crash to the ground. There was the real danger of my head getting in the way :P


The car key scene that made it into the final video.

I was frustrated that I tried every means, and everything failed.


Then, Royale Food Durian Dessert floated across my face :P




The punch line - turning my back to the opened durian, walking away satisfied with Royale Food Durian Dessert in hand :D

Looking forward to more such fun opportunities :D

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  1. I wish to ask where in Singapore can I purchase this durian dessert? As previously I bought a couple of boxes from sheng siong and tried them, they are pretty delicious. however they had been out of stock for at least 1 month or more. So do you have any idea which part of Singapore which sells their product?


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