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Nasi Padang at Tiram Klasik Corner in Johor Bahru, Ulu Tiram


This morning we were exploring Ulu Tiram, looking for good food. We stumbled upon Tiram Klasik Corner at the junction of Jalan Cempedak and Jalan Duku (near the bus terminal).

I took a quick look at the nasi padang dishes on display and the wide range of freshly cooked dishes convinced me to give Tiram Klasik Corner a try.

This turn out to be one of the best nasi padang places that I have tried so far in Johor.


The owner of Tiram Klasik Corner, Tok Esa is the village headman of the area. Tok Esa's wife who hails from Padang, leads the kitchen and does most of the cooking personally.


Follow me on a quick survey of the dishes at Tiram Klasik Corner. It has one of the widest range of dishes at the nasi padang shops that I have seen, so far.

This is just a sampling of the dishes available.


Beef rendang, the signature of nasi padang.


I am one of those people who are guilty of judging nasi padang stalls by their beef rendang.

Doesn't this look amazing?


Beef tendons cooked in curry.


Huge curry fish heads.


Ikan pari (slabs of stingray) soaking in fiery looking asam pedas.


The fried catfish was very well prepared. Crispy outside while the white flesh was moist, sweet and soft. The hot chili added further kick to the tasty fish.


I was very happy to see this large bowl of freshly cooked siput. Siput is one of my favourite dishes :D


This sambal chili was simply awesome. Sweetness fused with layers of spiciness from the onions, tomatoes and different types of pulpy ground chili blended together.

I can have a happy meal eating this alone with plain white rice.

No joke.

Nasi-Padang-Tiram-Klasik-Corner-Johor- Bahru-Ulu-Tiram

Great achar.

Fresh crunchy sweet, spicy and tangy chopped vegetables tossed in vinegar and sugar.


The custom here in Johor is for the customer to help themselves with the parade of food laid out in trays, large bowls and pots. A staff will go around the tables to total up the bill.


Round one, simple white rice with my favourites fried catfish, egg plant and bitter gourd all cooked with lots of fiery pound chili.

I liked everything on this plate. Loved the fried catfish so much that I ate another one right after finishing this.


Round two, my favourite beef rendang, achar, tempe and banana shoot with rice.


The aroma from the spice perfumed beef was truly alluring but the meat was the chewy kind - like a softer form of beef jerky.


Siput is one of my favourite traditional Malay dishes. I must have it whenever it is available.

Here at Tiram Klasik Corner, the siput was very fresh and very well cleaned. There wasn't the slightest trace of sand or grit.

We really enjoyed ourselves at Tiram Klasik Corner. The food was excellent - fresh and well prepared, the service was friendly and prices were very reasonable.

I also like it that the food at Tiram Klasik Corner was tasty but not overly greasy or salty.

The best time to be here for nasi padang is just before noon with the food freshly prepared :D


Definitely a Must Try for nasi padang lovers.

Restaurant name: Tiram Klasik Corner
Address: 105, Jalan Cempedak, Taman Tiram Baru, Ulu Tiram (just beside the Ulu Tiram bus terminal)
GPS: 1.598062,103.822198
Hours: 7:00am to 3:00pm (nasi padang from noon to 2:00pm)

Dates visited: 16 Jun 2014

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  1. The siput (chuchu in Chinese) will bring me there. There is a good one in Sigapore in Choo Chiat.

  2. Wow...will definitely be spoilt for choice dining there...lavish spread.

  3. You are so right about judging nasi padang stall from the beef rendang. Authentic good rendang should be deep dark brown in colour, the point of almost blackish, relatively dry (it can still be oily but certainly not like a gravy), and tender at the same time. The flavor profile should be salty and savory, instead of sweet and savory. The former is rendang padang, while the latter is Javanese rendang.


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