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Singapore Roti Prata at Rahmath Muslim Food Stall at Soon Soon Lai Eating House


Went with makan buddies Silver Chef, Miss Tam Chiak and Jimmy to pay Rahmath Muslim Food Stall a visit for their famous roti prata.

When Silver Chef told me that Rahmath's roti prata came from the same lineage as Jalan Kayu prata, it was instantly a Must Try for me.


Rahmath Muslim Food stall is located in a large busy kopitiam in the light industry heartland of Hougang in Singapore.

You won't be able to see Rahmath from the centre court of the large kopitiam.


Rahmath Muslim Food Stall is deep inside Soon Soon Lai kopitiam 顺顺来, tucked deep at the far right corner.


Don't be fooled for here at the deep end of Soon Soon Lai is one of Singapore's best roti prata stalls.


The young boss Haja got the recipe from his older relative, the stall's previous owner who had retired to India. The relative in turn got the recipe by previously working in one of the legendary roti prata shops along Jalan Kayu in old Singapore.

Jalan Kayu is, of course, the Holy Grail of roti prata in Singapore.

In the late 70s, I was based in Seletar Camp for section leader training with the Singapore Artillery and later was back again for Military Air Traffic Control Officer training.

Back in those days, rustic Jalan Kayu was the only road leading to Seletar Camp.

I have forgotten how Jalan Kayu prata tasted then. 

Only remembered how, without fail we would report to the roti prata shops before booking in and after booking out of camp after another week of grind.

Fast forward to Rahmath Muslim Food Stall :D

Singapore-Roti-Prata-Rahmath-Muslim-Food-Stall Singapore-Roti-Prata-Rahmath-Muslim-Food-Stall

The work space in the stall is quite small and the work top quite narrow, perhaps limiting the size that the dough can be spread.

The theory is that, the bigger the dough is spread, the more the number of folds. The greater the number of folds, the more crispy and flaky is the resulting roti prata. 


The folded flat dough frying on a sizzling greasy flat iron griddle.


When I asked what oil was used to fry the prata, Krish instantly snapped into this pose, showing off the famous green tin of QBB ghee.

Every prata lover knows that the best pratas are fried with ghee and the best ghee is QBB.


This was the stack of pratas the four of us shared.

The pratas were quite thick, and the wrinkled surface looked leathery. 


The leathery looking outside was very crispy taking all the sizzle from the ghee soaked iron griddle. Surprisingly, the pratas weren't overly greasy.


The crispy flaky outside partially shielded the inside from the heat, keeping the inside folds spongy and tender.


The dahl that came with the prata was excellent. 

It was creamy yet grainy and infused with rich lamb flavour. I like to scoop up the mildly spicy dahl with a large piece of prata and enjoy the crispy, flavour saturated bread. 

While my polite makan kakis daintily dipped their roti in their dish of dahl, leaving their dish 1/2 finished, I wiped my dish clean.

I took over their dishes and drank up the remaining dahl.

It was that good :P


If you want to impress your friends that you know where to get good food in every corner of the sunny island, Rahmath Muslim Food Stall is your perfect prop choice.

Your friends will be so impressed with the prata, and you :D


Restaurant name: Rahmath Muslim Food
AddressSoon Soon Lai Eating House Stall 12, Blk 32, Defu Lane 10, Singapore 
Map (rough)
GPS: 1.350380,103.891012 (rough)
Hours: 6.30am to 6.30pm | Weekend and PH close at 4.30pm | Closed on Tues

Date visited: 23 Jun 2014

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    1. Yes, it's all flatted factories here.

  2. try the prawn noodles also not bad at the kopi shop

    1. Thanks Gong, will try them next time :D

  3. They have shifted, Anyone knows where they gone.

    1. 121 hougang ave 1. #01-1346

    2. Thank you Cheryl :-D Appreciate much.


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