Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Singapore Blog Awards 2014 Finalist

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When I retired 3 years ago, I asked myself - with little money, what can I do to bring the greatest good to the most number of people? I found it through Johor Kaki food blog.

Johor Kaki blog has been helping our hawkers with free social media marketing for nearly 3 years now.

Johor Kaki is viewed on Google over 154,020,442 times as at 30 July 2014. (Amazingly Actually, more than Lady Gaga on her official page at 149,489,215 views.)

Contests are very tiring and definitely not the reason why Johor Kaki blog was created. After very long thought, I accepted the challenge because if I opted out, I am denying the hawkers I write about a national level platform to reach more people.

That would be kiasu 怕输 and selfish.

So, I am in, and once in, I shall do my best.

Help Johor Kaki blog reach more people.

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