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Katz's Deli Hot Dogs in NYC, New York

Katz's Deli on E Houston Street is a tourist trap but they serve one of the best hot dogs in New York City.


This is the usual lunch time crowd at Katz's Deli during a week day - packed with tourists.

Many people are here because of this infamous scene from the popular 1989 movie "When Harry Met Sally" shot in Katz's Deli.


Order your hot dog at this station. The queue is usually shorter than the line for Katz's claim to fame, their legendary pastrami.


Frankfurters on the griddle (as wieners or sausages are called here). The grilling gives the frankfurters a slight crisp outside and melts the grease inside into warm savoury juice.

Katz's-Deli-Hot-Dogs-NYC-New-York  Katz's-Deli-Hot-Dogs-NYC-New-York

The hotdogs are assembled on order.


My chili dog or hotdog topped with steaming ground beef chili. USD5.95 (before tax).


The bun wrapping the Frankfurter was pillowy soft with hints of sweetness. I am happy to eat the bun just by itself - it's that good.


The all beef wiener had a slight crisp, taut bouncy browned skin and the inside was tender, loaded with savoury beefy flavour and slightly greasy.

What made this chili dog so seductive to me was the ground beef chili topping - soft, mildly savoury, and oh.... so.... beefy with a slight spicy sting. The baked beans added interesting texture and flavours to the layers of softness in the chili dog.

I love Katz's chili dog.


I also tried Katz's Deli's hotdog with sauerkraut. USD3.75 (before tax).


A bit of mustard to go along.


The sauerkraut was juicy and sour, soft with a slight crunch as good sauerkraut should be. I am not a sour flavour person but I am sure most sauerkraut lovers will appreciate this, judging from this hotdog's popularity.


Katz's Deli is tourist trap listed in every NYC guide book and it charges a premium. But, the quintessentially New York institution founded in 1888 is well worth a visit because of it's colourful history, the New York deli atmosphere inside, and their good food. It's a NYC experience not to be missed. When you are in Katz's Deli try also for their popular pastrami on rye.

Restaurant name: Katz's Delicatessen 
Address: 205 E Houston Street, NYC, New York, USA 
Hours: 8:00 am to 10:45 pm 
Tel: (212) 254-2246  

Date visited: 1 Dec 2014, 8 Dec 2014 

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