Wednesday, 14 January 2015

Ippudo Ramen in NYC New York

Ippudo is one of the most popular ramen joints in New York City.


I chose to come in here only after lunch time in order to avoid the infamous line at Ippudo.

Though there wasn't the usual peak hour queue outside, there were people waiting at the bar/ holding area.


When a seat was available, a friendly staff led me into the dining room. As we stepped in, the wait staff shouted a Japanese greeting (which I don't understand) with a warmth that made me feel really welcome. Though it was a routine every time a customer steps in, it was done with so much enthusiasm that it felt almost like a greeting from personal friends.


Wednesday, 3:00pm. Full house.

Techno type music played in the background and people spoke above the music in order to be heard. The wait staff added to the din by shouting the welcome chorus every time a new customer stepped in. With the buzz and energy, Ippudo had an ambiance unlike any ramen joint that I had been to so far.

It was bursting with life.


The busy chefs hard at work in an open kitchen. The youthful crew at Ippudo added to the hipster feel and cool appeal of the ramen joint.


I ordered Ippudo's Classic Ramen at USD14 (before tax and tip).

Service was quick. The ramen arrived about 5 minutes after the order.

It was slender noodles in a cloudy pork broth garnished with strips of seaweed and bamboo shoot, chopped scallion and two slices of chashu. But, there was no slow poached flavoured egg.


The tonkotsu broth was heavy bodied without being thick like a syrup nor was it overly greasy. Salts added layers to the broth's savouriness without being overly salty. I like Ippudo's tonkotsu broth.


The slender angel hair noodles were cooked till soft al dente with a good springy bounce. I liked this too.


The pickled bamboo shoots and seaweed added savouriness and slight tartness to the flavours, and crunch to the texture.


The two slices of chashu were sliced too thin. It was tender but I could feel the grainy fibres. The chashu was wet from soaking in the broth but there was a feel of dryness in the fibres. The thin chashu had little flavour.

This chashu lacked flavour and richness, and didn't have that "almost melt in your mouth" feel.

I was disappointed with this chashu.

Ippudo is the favourite of many ramen lovers in New York City who like their ramen, atmosphere and friendly service.


Next time, Ippodo's famous pork buns.


Restaurant name: Ippudo
Address: 65, 4th Avenue, NYC New York
Hours: 11:00 am – 3:30 pm, 5:00 – 11:30 pm

Date visited: 13 Jan 2015

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