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Johor Kaki in 2014 - Look Back Once then Look Ahead

First and foremost, thank you for your support through 2014.

The beginning of a new year is always a good time to look back at where we've been, so that we have a better idea about which way we will be going. What should I keep doing? What to stop doing and what new ventures should I get into?


1. Best Singapore Food Blog 2014

May I take this opportunity to thank readers for supporting Johor Kaki - your encouragement keeps me going in this journey. (I know I am repeating myself here but I cannot thank you enough. Without readers, a blog is nothing much.) 

My gratitude too to the hardworking hawkers and restaurateurs, without whom there is no Johor Kaki blog.

Singapore Minister Sim Ann in her speech cited Johor Kaki as an example of ethical and responsible blogging. One of the judges commented that Johor Kaki blog is "full of live and the human touch."

I strive to do my utmost to continue Johor Kaki with these principles firmly in mind.

2. Malaysia NTV 7 Foodie Blogger Series 2

I am grateful for the opportunity to co-host the 30-minute show with award winning Malaysian artiste Ernest Chong to share with Malaysians about Johor hawker food. This was the second time I am co-hosting the Johor Bahru episode of the Foodie Blogger series. The first was in 2013 with another award winning artiste Coby Chong 庄可比.


3. Discovering Penang

This was my first trip to Penang as a food blogger. As I was in this food paradise for only a week, I could only come up with a list that is not the 10 best food in Penang ;-p  Hope to be back in Penang to discover more of this top foodie destination.


4. Discovering Cebu, Philippines

I was in Cebu Philippines twice this year and was fascinated with the food culture there. There is so much more to discover and to share about the food, people and places here. I wish I could be there for long enough to come up with a comprehensive guide to Cebu's unique food. That will help raise awareness of Cebu food and through that I hope to help a little to improve the livelihood of Cebu's hawkers.

5. Discovering New York City

I explored the truly global cuisine of the megapolis of New York City. I enjoyed a two month discovery journey to create this guide to the diverse foods that represent this high voltage electric City. This guide is a work in progress and I shall be back to discover more about this amazing foodie haven.


6. Best Jay Bee (Johor Bahru) Food Find of the Year

After nearly 1,000 food trips, my favourite method of food hunt is still to pound the pavement and use my eyes, ears and nose to spot good food, and to confirm it with my taste buds. This is extremely inefficient and time consuming, not to mention bodily exhausting. But once again, it produced the best result in food finding.

This year, my best hawker find in JB is Taiping Fish Porridge stall in Taman Ungku Tun Aminah.


7. Johor Kaki is 3 Years Old!

From a newborn on 20 Dec 2011, in the blink of an eye Johor Kaki is now a 3 year old toddler. Wide eyed, ever more curious, still hungry, playful, even naughty. Eager to explore and learn, love life and grateful for the love received.

Here are snapshots of where Johor Kaki is today, so I can look back in wonder in the future where I passed in my blogging journey before.

As 1 Jan 2015   

Not yet 200 million views but getting there at 195 million ;-D

As at 1 Jan 2015   

47,000+ Facebook fans. My engagement rate needs to improve by miles ;-p  I certainly need to improve my headline writing skills.

As at 1 Jan 2015
31,000+ members on Johor Sedap Facebook Group. I am proud of this Group which is active and engaged (much more so than Johor Kaki FB page ;-p  ).

Not yet 1,000 blog posts on this Johor Kaki blog but getting there at 997 posts.


Reminder to self as a blogger. 

Follow your passion and let all other things follow.

Where Johor Kaki was in 2013.

Back to Johor Kaki homepage.

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