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Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle at Dunman Road Food Centre Singapore

I've long wanted to try the famous Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle at Dunman Road Food Centre in Singapore. It's the favourite wanton noodle of many of my foodie buddies.


Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle's fans know that it was once known as Ang Moh wanton mee (Hong Mao Mian Jia 红毛面家). After years doing business in the Joo Chiat area since the 1960s, the owners of Ang Moh wanton mee retired but reopened in 2013 as Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle to the cheers of their loyal fans.

(Note: The brand "Hong Mao Mian Jia 红毛面家" had been sold to new owners who also operate in Joo Chiat.)


At Joo Chiat Ah Huat, there was none of the usual long snaking queues at popular Singapore hawker stalls. Thanks to their queueing system, customers can wait at the comfort of their seats.


The ordering system is quite simple, once you are familiar with it.

When you arrive, take a number plate from the stall and return to your seat. When the LED display flashes your number, go to the counter to place your order and wait while your order is prepared. Collect your food and return to your seat.

The boss enforces his queueing system fairly. I saw one of the boss' acquaintances attempting to jump the queue and was declined by the boss.

We waited one hour for our wanton mee on a Sunday morning.


Our SGD3 plate of wanton noodle.

The small mound of egg noodles sat on a layer of heavy greasy blended sauce of soy sauce, lard, shallot oil, and house blended chili sauce, and topped with small pieces of char siew and bits of greens (choy sum).


The noodles were quite thick and cooked soft al dente but it lacked bounce.

The blended sauce had robust savoury, salty, and spicy flavours. People who love strong flavours in their food would love this. I suspect many of Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle's fans were won over either by the lard, and/or the special house blended chili sauce which seemed to have traces of sambal belacan.

I could not taste the egginess in the noodles which was likely masked by the saltiness and spiciness.


I like it that the few pieces of randomly sliced char siew had some soft fatty parts attached. Dyed intensely red, the boiled char siew was sweetish savoury, moist and tender.


The wanton mee was served with a small bowl of wantons in a strongly flavoured broth with ikan bilis (anchovy) flavour. 


The thumb sized wantons had smooth thin skin wrapping a soft ball of well marinated minced pork. I like these wantons (there were three).

If you like thick noodles in a heavy, robustly flavoured sauce, you may like Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle.

Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle has many fans in Singapore; though I also found this WTN likable, my heart belongs to WTNs that have noodles with livelier spring and a more delicate sauce that allows me to smell and taste the egginess in the noodles.

Next time, get a bowl of soup with 12 wantons for SGD3 ;-D


Restaurant name: Joo Chiat Ah Huat Wanton Noodle
Address#01-04 Dunman Road Food Centre (271 Onan Rd at Dunman Rd, Singapore)
Hours: 7:00am to 4:00pm (closed on Monday)
Non Halal

Date visited: 25 Jan 2015

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