Wednesday, 4 February 2015

Chabuton Ramen Singapore at 313 @ Somerset Orchard Road

I was invited to taste the premium "The Kurobuta Ramen" at Chabuton 313 @ Somerset at Orchard Road, Singapore. Chabuton is a Japanese ramen chain with 26 outlets around the world.


The three Chabuton Singapore outlets are all conveniently located at 313@Somerset (Orchard Rd), Tampines Central and Star Vista.


Inside Chabuton Singapore, the furnishings were simple yet comfortable. The restaurant was very bright and clean. Perfect for casual dining.

I like it that Chabuton provides clean plastic boxes for customers to put their bags in. I also appreciate that each table has complimentary jugs of cold or warm water. The service staff were also earnest and polite.

We were served some appetising side dishes before the ramen tasting proper.


The Hitokuchi Gyoza was well browned on the top side. The flat dumplings were skinny and had little pork filling.


The Ika Karaage or battered fried squid didn't have much squid flavour.


This is Chabuton Singapore's Premium Tonkatsu Ramen - The Kurobuta (SGD18.90++) available till 31 Mar 2015. It is ramen noodle in a pork and chicken collagen broth topped with soft boiled egg, Kurobuta pork mince, Kurobuta pork slice, bamboo shoot and fresh Japanese leek.

This premium ramen was created by Chef Yasuji Morizumi, the first ramen chef to receive a Michelin Star. Chef Yasuji was also crowned the "Best Ramen Chef" by TV Champion, a culinary competition in Japan.


The Kurobuta features a special broth combining tonkotsu and chicken collagen. The broth had a nice round body and smooth texture.

Personally, I didn't enjoy the broth as it lacked the natural porcine flavour of tonkotsu or the flavour of chicken which I like. It tasted more of a blend of salts and condiments.


My onsen tamago style egg was slightly overdone.

My companions' onsen tamago had runny yolks and I believe they enjoyed their eggs ;-D


The wheat noodles were cooked soft al dente which is the texture I liked. I didn't enjoy the noodles that much as the broth didn't have the porcine and chicken flavours I expected from pork and chicken broth.


Each bowl of The Kurobuta Ramen comes with a small slice of Kurobuta pork. Kurobuta pork is marbled meat, the porcine equivalent of premium Kobe beef in the bovine world.


I enjoyed the extra tender Kurobuta pork a lot. The meat was well saturated with gentle savoury flavours and the soft fat literally melted in my mouth to release a gush of addictive savoury sweetness.

It made me wished there was more than one tiny slice.

I quickly looked in the menu and saw that we can get another two Kurobuta slices as a side dish for SGD6 ;-D

This was an invited food tasting.

Date visited: 4 Feb 2015

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