Sunday, 1 February 2015

VisonData Pocket Wifi

During my recent three night stay in Port Dickson, I stayed connected using VisonData pocket wifi. Nowadays, I can't afford to stay offline even for a day ;-P As a blogger, I need to feed my social media platforms and my blog ;-P  Hungry readers are following my food trips on my social media ;-D

This was my first time using VisonData's pocket wifi during my overseas trip. I like my VisonData pocket wifi experience and will use it whenever I travel overseas.


Connection cannot be any easier.

I just need to turn on the VisonData pocket wifi. My handphone will pick up the pocket wifi signal. I just need to key in the pocket wifi password, and I am ready to surf. The connection procedure take less than 1 or 2 minutes max.

We only need to sign in with password just once; thereafter, your handphone will auto connect once it picks up the pocket wifi signal. Initial sign in can be done in Singapore before leaving for the trip.

No more shock data roaming charges.

No wasting precious time and energy searching for a local telco outlet in the overseas country. No stress of setting up and reconfiguring the handphone to use the local telco SIM card. No struggling with foreign languages. No need to read small print. No need to let strangers take your passport and photocopy your personal details. No more pain of wasting (often substantial) unused stored value in the local telco SIM card when we leave the country.

One pocket wifi can be shared by 4 to 6 devices. For my Port Dickson trip, rental of VisonData pocket wifi is SGD9 per day. Shared between 4 persons, you can just imagine the amount of savings when travelling as a group.


Booking a VisonData pocket wifi is easy.

Just go to VisonData website and order one pocket wifi online, or give them a call at (65)-6569-774. You can pick up your pocket wifi personally, or have it couriered to you for a nominal fee.

I found it easy to pickup the pocket wifi myself as VisonData office is conveniently located at IMM Building (near Jurong East MRT station). (VisonData address: #05-41C, IMM Building 2, Jurong East Street 21, Singapore.)


LOL playing with my VisonData pocket wifi everywhere I went.

Follow VisonData SG Facebook Page for their regular special deals. VisonData SG is having their Chinese New Year 2015 offer. They also have a competition on their Facebook Page now.

Disclosure: This is an invited trial use by VisonData.

Trial dates: 28 - 31 Jan 2015

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