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Monday, 2 March 2015

Etutor Star Reading Pen Singapore 易笔通

Today, my sister brought me an Etutor Star Reading Pen 易笔通 - hahaha my new toy ;-D


The little reading pen reads aloud text in standard Mandarin Chinese when we tap it on printed words on a page.


The reading pen is for use together with children's Chinese magazines 好朋友, 知识报, 知识画报, 新朋友, 新天地 and 新列车. If you grew up in Singapore, chances are, your parents or teachers had subscribed them for you during your time in primary school. 

Today, 80% of Singapore primary schools subscribe to these magazines as supplementary texts.

Etutor Star Reading Pen is really cool.

My children are all grown up now, so I just use the Etutor Star reading pen to satisfy my own fetish curiosity for new gadgets ;-p

Nowadays, technology really changes everything ;-D

I think Etutor Star Reading Pen is a parent's best partner.

I wish Etutor Star reading pen was available when my children were in primary school.


If we had the Etutor Star reading pen then, my children could read the magazines and learn Mandarin Chinese on their own without us by their side. In any case, we wouldn't be of much help anyways.  Our Manglish is more "powerful" than our standard Mandarin Chinese, so the less we get involved the better hehehe ....... Etutor Star reading pen would have been our best partner and the children's best buddy.

The little reading pen is like having your own Chinese tuition teacher in your child's pocket or school bag, ready to help anytime, anywhere.

We would have saved some money as the children would need less Mandarin tuition classes ;-p

Our children would find learning Mandarin more fun too as learning Mandarin with the reading pen is just like playing a game ;-D  We won't have to nag at them anymore.

Less No more scolding, less tears, makes learning Mandarin more fun LOL ;-D


Read what other parents think about the Etutor Star Reading Pen :-D


"I thought ETutorStar reading pen is a great assistant to children and parents." The HENG Family Blog.

You can find more information the Etutor Star Reading Pen online here.

You can also buy the reading pen at Popular Bookstores in Singapore.


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