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Springleaf Prata Place in Singapore JK1099

Prata Place is one of the most popular roti prata places in Singapore. We visited the Prata Place outlet at Springleaf estate off Upper Thomson Road.


My usual order of prata is "kosong" or plain.

At Springleaf Prata Place, it comes with the right amount of brownish char outside and the right puffy thickness.

Crispy, not overly greasy but flavour wise, it tasted like an average piece of generic fried dough.


My buddy YPS's prata with egg and onions.

He love it.

It was good enough to evoke memories of our late nights of huddling together over roti prata packed from Adam Road food centre for supper at the Tanglin Officers' Mess in the early 1980s. (Today's Dempsey Hill restaurants.) 

He recalled with glee how the task of cleaning up the curry gravy was left to me who always obliged gleefully, lapping it all up with my tongue and fingers.


Masala thosai.

Spiced soft potatoes wrapped in crispy dough served with delicious chutney.


Kak Rosita's (Mrs YPS) prata filled with portobello mushrooms and melted cheese. 

I pinched a slice from Kak and I like this.

The spongy bits of chopped portobello mushrooms and melted cheese worked well with the slightly crisp prata, adding interesting savoury cheesy and mushroomy flavours to the otherwise plain dough.

This novelty prata was more memorable than the other regular pratas, even though they were also well made.

Highly recommended.


The chicken curry dip was mildly spicy, aromatic and full bodied. After finishing the pratas, I helped myself happily to a quite a few spoonfuls of the curry.

I didn't slurp it all up despite YPS's encouragement.


Both the fried bee hoon (bee hoon goreng) and fried noodles (mee goreng) were well executed with quite robust savoury spicy sauce. The dishes were also not overly greasy nor too salty.

I would order these again, if I am back at Springleaf Prata Place.


The papadum is worth getting.

Freshly fried, crispy and not a spot of grease.


A round of teh halia (ginger milk tea) is a must, of course.


The interior at Prata Place is bright and sealed by glass panels on two sides. Though air conditioned, the space can get a little stuffy in the afternoons and noisy during peak hours.

The floor near the toilet is quite slick, so watch out for that.


Some customers like to sit outside the shop. I think it is a good idea, especially on cool breezy nights.


Springleaf Prata Place is definitely above average roti prata in Singapore and I will eat this if I want mamak food and I am nearby.

Restaurant name: Springleaf Prata Place

Address: 1 Thong Soon Avenue, Singapore 787431
GPS1.397199, 103.818830
Hours: 7:00 am – 12:00 midnight


Date visited: 4 Apr 2015, 13 Apr 2015

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