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Yulek Wan Tan Mee Cheras Kuala Lumpur KL Bests JK1142 友力云吞面

Restaurant nameYulek Wan Tan Mee 友力云吞面 (formerly Meng Kee Char Siew Wan Tan Mee stall at Restoran Meng Shiang kopitiam)
Address: 19, Lorong Durian, Taman Cheras, 56100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
GPS3.102133, 101.743128
Hours: 7:30am to 4:00pm
Tel: +6016 243 6221
Non Halal

The area around Cheras KL was one of my old haunts for street food and the massive pasar malam at Taman Connaught during my cherished days in KL (over 10 years ago).


Our friend Desmond brought us to Restoran Yulek which is his favourite wantan mee shop in KL. According to Desmond, Yulek's char siew 叉烧 and siew yok 烧肉 (sio bak) are legends.


Six of us in the party (three ladies), and we treated ourselves to a plate of wantan mee each (with side order of siew yok plus Hainanese style chicken from the stall across the road :-D ).



The egg noodles were generic, cooked till soft al dente with a slight spring. The sauce was mainly a blend of soy with lard and sweetish char siew drippings (?). (No chili is added unlike the Singaporean habit.)

The noodles were good but didn't wow.


The wantons wrapping soft savoury sweet minced pork were served in a small bowl of round bodied savoury sweet broth.


But, one bite into this char siew and all else is just backdrop. Everything recedes into the background. Takes a backseat.

It was truly delicious.

It was candy-like savoury sweet but not sugary. The half fat, half lean 半肥瘦 glazey morsel was soft and juicy. The slight char at the edges gave the char siew a subtle smokiness.

It was just, wow!


To me, Yulek wan tan mee is mainly about it's char siew, especially the fatty one  - the noodles are a bit of a side show. The char siew suits my taste buds to a T and that is enough for me to highly recommend this shop to my friends ;-D


Still, most of the ladies in our party prefer a leaner cut - slightly less tender, minus the fats.

Fat or lean, just tell the friendly staff and you will be served your desired cut ;-D


You can even ask for roast pork ribs 燒排骨 to go with your noodles.


Yulek wan tan mee shop is a typical Malaysian food shop. Bare bones decor, basic furnishings - it's just the street side stall moving indoors for the comfort of the stall holder and customers.

The only things that matter here are good delicious food at affordable prices. Everything else are just bonuses. 

I love such good deals :-D


The action in the kitchen was frenetic. Everyone was moving at hyper speed as many customers were waiting. This pesky persistent blogger did managed to get the friendly lady's name - she is Janet and this wan tan mee shop was founded in 1982 :-D


The large stainless steel roasters blackened with charcoal soot.


Besides pig skin and mushroom, I am not sure what is in the pot but this is surely the most elaborate wanton mee broth that I have ever come across.


I would be back to Yulek wan tan mee for their char siew.

Their tossing sauce didn't have that "death wish level" of lard which I like ;-p But, that just mean that it is widely appealing as the world is mostly populated by sensible people :-D


Acknowledgement: My thanks to Tourism Malaysia and Grand Millennium Hotel for hosting my visit to Kuala Lumpur.

Date visited: 1 Jun 2015

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