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Chicken Rice at Cafe de Hong Kong Singapore Balestier (新天地小厨茶餐厅) JK1185


Singapore is really a chicken rice paradise. Not only do we have Hainanese and Cantonese chicken rice, we also get different variations from around Asia. Cafe de Hong Kong serves a variety of chicken rice commonly found in Hong Kong which is less common in Singapore.

Restaurant name: Cafe de Hong Kong 新天地小厨茶餐厅
Address: 586 Balestier Road, Singapore 329898
GPS1.326672, 103.843385
Hours: Tue - Sun: 11:30am - 15:00pm | 17:30pm - 12:00 midnight (Closed on Monday)
Tel6255 3865
Non Halal


Cafe de Hong Kong's chicken rice (half a bird) at SGD15+. Rice extra at SGD1+ per bowl.


The poached chicken is chopped into large chunks with bone on. In the Hong Kong version of chicken rice, instead of the usual splash of sesame oil/ soy sauce blend, the chicken is bathed in savoury "superior broth 上汤" just before serving.


Cafe de Hong Kong uses premium Malaysian Sakura label birds for their chicken rice. The tender chicken flesh and soft smooth skin have a delicate chicken flavour. There is almost no fat, which is a plus point for many, though I personally like some, especially in jiggly jelly form.


The "superior broth" complements the natural flavours of the juicy chicken with layered savoury flavours. The savoury "superior broth" masked the chickeny flavour a little.


Cafe de Hong Kong serves one of the best aromatic rice. Nice good quality long grains, tender yet nutty, separates easily and not overly starchy. Full yet delicate flavours and not overly greasy.


The chili sauce is fresh and has a sharp sting blended with refreshing sourness from lime juice and balanced with slight saltiness.

The unique ginger dip is interesting. It is roughly grounded ginger soaking in the juices of pureed spring onions. A pinch of salt gave the mildly spicy fragrant dip a slight savoury note.

It's a nice chicken rice meal especially for people who like more savoury flavours in their food.


Coming to Cafe de Hong Kong and leaving without eating their signature French toast is a big mistake which I would never make ;-D


The eggy, buttery, peanutty, savoury sweet bouncy French toast with Hong Kong style milk tea is a perfect match for the chicken rice we just had :-D


Cafe de Hong Kong is a simply furnished restaurant, clean, bright and comfortable.


If you like to try chicken rice with a slightly different twist, with a bit of added savoury flavour, then this Hong Kong style chicken at Cafe de Hong Kong is worth a try.

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