Wednesday, 22 July 2015

Kenting Main Street Night Market 墾丁大街 Taiwan with AirAsia JK1191


The main street at the beach/ surf city of Kenting in southern Taiwan turns into a bustling night market known simply as Kenting Main Street 墾丁大街. There are about 200 food stalls altogether on both sides of this 200 metre stretch of road.


There are many stalls selling grilled squid as squids are abundant off the coasts of Taiwan Island. This stall also serves pork blood curd.


The large fresh squids are either charcoal grilled or battered and deep fried.


Oysters are also plentiful in Taiwan but it's not often that we will find an oyster seller who is also a surfer. I chatted briefly with the bronzed gentleman. His nickname is "Porky 豬肉" as his family are pork sellers. Porky is a surfer by day and at night he is an oyster seller. He likes the freedom to pursue his passion, which is riding the white surfs of his hometown, Kenting.


Wild boar meat and sausage fried on flat cast iron griddles according to aboriginal Taiwanese style.


There were a couple of "smelly tofu 臭豆腐" stalls. I noticed that stalls selling this iconic Taiwanese dish are not as ubiquitous as before and they are also less popular now. In the past, Taiwanese night markets used to be pervaded with the characteristic pungent aroma of "smelly tofu" which is made by deep frying fermented bean curd.

Still, if you have not eaten "smelly tofu" before, give this food icon a try :-D

As Kenting is a surf town and the town is mainly painted red by young tourists, many of the stalls are serving trendy food to appeal to the youthful crowd.


The Fried Milk Ball stall was doing brisk business.


Grilled chicken kebabs off the back of a stylish Peugeot.


Big crowd at the Fried Oreo stall which is simply battered Oreo biscuits deep fried in hot oil.

Hot novelty snacks like these leave good old "smelly tofu" in the cold.


If you are in Kenting City, be sure to check out Kenting Night Market. Many will be pleased that behind the rows of street food stalls, are numerous happening pubs and bars, the way good partying beach towns should be :-D

My visit to Kaohsiung and southern Taiwan with AirAsia.

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AirAsia AK 170 departs KLIA2 for Kaohsiung at 8:30am and 1:00pm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

AirAsia AK 171 departs Kaohsiung for KLIA2 at 1:30pm and 5:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

Date visited (Kenting Main Street): 16 Jul 2015

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