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Pocket Wifi Review Singapore VisonData JK1195


I have used the pocket wifi by VisonData during my recent trips (in 2015) to Kuala Lumpur, Port Dickson and 2 separate trips to Bangkok.

From these trips, I found VisonData pocket convenient and easy to use. It's my preferred choice for staying connected while travelling. (I have also used local telco SIM cards and observed my friends who used pocket wifi from other providers.)


The kiasu me likes to always get things set up before I leave home. With VisonData pocket wifi, I set up my wifi connection while I am packing and before leaving home.


So, when I land at the destination, I just turn on my VisonData pocket wifi and smartphone, and presto! I have good connection even before leaving the plane (after the plane come to a full stop, of course) :-D


As an avid food and travel blogger, I am obsessive about about sharing food and places on social media. VisonData pocket wifi always worked perfectly whenever I needed reliable data connection during my travels.


Though VisonData said that one pocket wifi device can be shared between 6 devices, I have not tried that so far. Nevertheless, three of us shared one VisonData pocket wifi and it worked smoothly without any lag.


I carried an extra power pack from VisonData but found that I never needed to use that for VisonData's pocket wifi. Instead, it was my smartphone that kept running of battery juice and had to tap on the power pack.

I found that with one charge at night while I slept, there was enough power for the VisonData pocket wifi the entire day (the next day). On the other hand, my travel mates' pocket wifi from another company kept running out of battery juice and I had to rescue them ;-p  Which I gladly do lah... 


In certain cases, a local telco SIM may be cheaper than VisonData pocket wifi but no lah....., after a couple of bad experiences, I always have phobia of local telco SIM cards. First, on landing I have to scramble around to look for a reliable SIM card vendor. How would I know who is reliable? I just landed. 

Then, I have to choose between the many pricing plans and often dealing with a staff whose mother tongue I could not speak a word. Then, I have to let the phone shop photocopy my passport (a very private document) and fill up complicated forms. Then, I have to go through the set up process on the phone which I often found too complex for me. Aiyah, I just get a pocket wifi and have connection even before I leave the plane, better.


Jump straight into the taxi and send out the first post comfortably, instead of hunting high and low for local telco SIM card and setting it up with loads of luggage in tow after a long journey.

Oh, talking about saving money with local telco SIM card, we may not save that much after deducting the unused paid value when we leave the country.

I haven't even mentioned that (if we want to receive voice calls on our everyday phone number) we have to bring a separate smartphone (with all the extra cables and charger) for the foreign SIM card and have to set up the Apps. Aiyoh, where got so much time.......

With VisonData pocket wifi, we use our everyday smartphone and there is next to nothing to set up.....


Stuck at airport with no or weak wifi? No problem, just lock in on VisonData pocket wifi and continue working or blogging.

Hotel has free or even paid wifi? But, we all have experienced weak unusable wifi at hotels, even with paid wifi.


VisonData pocket wifi now covers 80 countries worldwide. You can book your VisonData pocket wifi online here <- click

Follow VisonData SG on Facebook as they have regular special deals.


Office address: IMM Building, 2 Jurong East Street 21, #05-41C (use the lift at Lobby B), Singapore
Tel: 6569 7741
Hours: 09:00am to 5:30pm (Mon - Fri) 

Disclosure: Visondata sponsored my use of the pocket wifi during the mentioned trips.

Trial dates: Jan to Jun 2015

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  1. I just used it for my Bangkok Trip as recommended by you and suddenly I was the most popular man in my traveling group!

    1. LOL I'll use this until I can find a better solution :-D


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