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Shianye Popular Kaohsiung Restaurant 縣爺土雞屋 JK1210


During our visit to Kaohsiung, our Taiwanese guide 美青 Margo ( took us to Shianye 縣爺土雞屋, one of her personal favourite restaurants for dinner.


I am so glad as whenever I have the opportunity to travel, I like to taste local food and eat like a local in a local restaurant (not a tourist trap). Shianye 縣爺土雞屋 is a small simple restaurant specialising in chicken dishes (but has other types of dishes on the menu too). The restaurant was established in 1979 - that's 36 years ago and is still going strong judging by the full house!

There were 10 of us, so Margo ordered for us a set dinner at NT4000 (SGD175 / USD126). There were nine dishes with complimentary taro balls 芋丸 and cut fruits.


First up was a large plate of steamed fresh prawns 鹽蒸鮮蝦. Simply steamed with a dash of salt, the dish relies on the succulent prawn's natural juices for flavour.


A delicious soup with layers of natural sweetness from the chunks of fresh chicken and crunchy bamboo shoots 青筍土雞. There are several types of chicken soups at Shianye 縣爺土雞屋, so it is worth trying at least one of them.


A fried seasonal vegetable 炒時蔬 - for this evening it was a simple cauliflower dish lightly fried with a mildly savoury sweet sauce. Flavoursome and crunchy.


Pork knuckle 德國豬腳 Shianye style.... savoury with a slight crisp outside while the inside was moist and tender. Tasty and enjoyable though it was not really my idea of German pork knuckle ;-p


Shianye's signature seafood roll 縣爺海鮮卷 - crispy wrap with prawn, fish and crunchy green filling.


Lovely simple fried chicken with garlic 蒜香拼雞. The fried chicken was delicious and I also found myself eating lots of garlic as they tasted sweet like crunchy fried potato wedges. (None of that pungent spiciness at all.)


Simple steamed sea bass 清蒸鱸魚.


Another seasonal vegetable, this time a lightly blanched green garnished with diced garlic. Delicious and healthy. (Swapped with grilled squid 烤軟絲).


For carbs we had fried vermicelli (bee hoon) with pumpkin 南瓜米粉.


If you are visiting Kaohsiung and want to try local, you may enjoy Shianye 縣爺土雞屋 as we did :-D  The flavours are gentle and well balanced, so the delicious dishes are a good introduction to Chinese food for visitors.

Restaurant name: Shianye Restaurant 縣爺土雞屋

AddressNo. 470, Qixian 1st Rd, Kaohsiung, Taiwan 800
GPS22.634433, 120.304362
Hours: 11:00 am to 10:30 pm
Tel(07) 238 0788 9
Non Halal


AirAsia AK 170 departs Kuala Lumpur KLIA2 for Kaohsiung at 8:30am and 1:00pm every Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

AirAsia AK 171 departs Kaohsiung for KLIA2 at 1:30pm and 5:50pm on Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday.

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Date visited (Kaohsiung & Pintung): 18 Jul 2015

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