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Shake Shack in Dubai Mall Menu Review


Shake Shack burgers in Dubai Mall, the world's largest mall.


We can enjoy our burgers next to this amazing 4-storey high waterfall - spectacular sight and exhilarating sound of unending crashing water.

My favourite eating spot at Dubai Mall.

(Digression: This waterfall as well as Dubai Mall is designed by Singapore based DP Architects who are behind iconic Singapore buildings from People's Park Complex to the Esplanade and Sports Hub.)


Shake Shack Dubai Mall runs on exactly the same system as her American sisters - menu on the wall and friendly, enthusiastic counter service.


Make your orders at the counter, pay and return to your seat with this pager and your receipt. When the pager buzzes, return to the counter and collect your orders. Simple and efficient.


ShackBurger (AED42 / SGD16.80 double cheeseburger) - huge burger with two beefy juicy 100% Angus patties. The warm beefy juice, ozzy American cheese and ShakeSauce ran down our fingers and hands into the paper pocket. Enjoyeable savoury sweet juicy goodness held together in a unique buttered hinged potato bun.


The potato bun didn't stay fluffy for long as it collapsed quickly when squeezed between our fingers.


ShackMeister (AED32 / SGD12.80 single cheeseburger) - juicy cheeseburger topped with crispy marinated shallot and ShackSauce. The crispy shallot lacked aroma and it's crispiness got lost in the soft bun, juicy tomatoes, moist patty, ShackSauce and melty cheese.


Shroom Burger (AED26 / SGD10.40) - my favourite guilt free burger unique to Shake Shake, that does not compromise on taste. The crispy batter wraps a whole portobello mushroom, soft and bouncy with loads of layered savouriness from melted cheddar and American muenster cheese sponged in.


Shack Stack (AED42 / SGD16.80) is another big winner for me with a juicy tender Angus patty and melted cheese slotted snugly into a Shroom burger - especially for people who must have their beef.

Love this.


I am hungry for this now :-D

Are you?


Shack-cargo Hotdog (AED25 / SGD10) - a Vienna all beef wiener smothered in a savoury sweet tangy spicy blanket of onion, cucumber, pickle, tomato, pepper, celery salt and mustard. The relish was packed with flavours but the wiener was limp and tasteless - lost in the cocktail of sweet sour pickles.

Shake Shack has it's roots as a hotdog stand in New York City's Madison Square Park. As I missed it while in NYC, this was my first order at today's tasting instead of the famous burgers. This hotdog turned out a little bit of a let down ;-p


Cheese Fries (AED20 / SGD8) - crinkle fries topped with melty cheddar and American cheese sauce. Layers of mild savouriness with slight sweetness - tops among the burger chains.


With cherry pepper topping (add AED6 / SGD2.40). Savoury sweet with tangy and hints of spiciness.

Red Velvet Concrete

Shack Attack Concretes (AED36 / SGD14.40 double scoop) - Concretes are Shake Shack's signature dense custard ice cream. These come in various flavours like Red Velvet, Dubai Malt, Strawberry Banana Trifle and so on.

My favourite is the Shack Attack - I like the interesting textures of soft chocolate custard ice cream with stiff crunchy bits of chocolate pearls and sprinkles. The different types of chocolates mixed in the cup added layers of sweetness and chocolaty flavours.

Peanut Butter Shake (AED 25/ SGD10 no picture) - sweet savoury blended shake with peanutty flavour always wins with Singaporeans. The shake was smooth and creamy too. A meal in itself for some of us as it is a big cup. I think a smaller cup will be an extra hot seller for take-and-go customers, if available.


Even without any outlet in Singapore yet, Shake Shack is already a well known brand and people are waiting for it to come. It's a premium product with premium pricing. Nevertheless, it's still within the affordability range for most families.

Shake Shack is expected to be popular among the "trendy" set. Angus beef, at the heart of Shake Shack's patties is also a well regarded "brand". Shake Shack's signature concretes will be new in Singapore - with effective marketing it should spark off a new "craze".

My Shake Shack experience in NYC <- click

Disclosure: This is an invited food tasting.

Restaurant name: Shake Shack Dubai Mall

AddressThe Dubai Mall  (First Floor, next to The Waterfall) Doha Street  Dubai, United Arab Emirates
GPS: 25.199367, 55.278901
Hours: (+974) 04 – 4190370


Date visited: 14 Sep 2015

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