Tuesday, 13 October 2015

Old Airport Road Food Centre Fu Xin Teochew Kueh 福兴熟食 JK1269


We stumbled upon this little stall at the far end of Old Airport Food Centre, where a couple was hand making Teochew kueh. Well..., anything handmade stops me in my tracks, especially in high cost Singapore where mass production is increasingly the main survival strategy.


As we had already ordered a lot of food from other stalls, we just got a few pieces of Teochew kueh for tasting.


I also bought some more kueh for tasting later at home.


The skin made of hand kneaded rice and glutinous rice flour was slightly on the thick side. The fillings were all prepared and cooked at the stall - it was generous and was relatively mildly flavoured (not much dried shrimps hae bee). Overall, the steamed kueh were clean tasting and doesn't have that thick grease often found in other kueh stalls.


The kueh that I will come back for is their ku chai kueh 潮州韭菜粿 (Chinese chive dumpling) - it's my favourite type of Teochew kueh anyway :-D

How fresh is their ku chai?


Well, the green stalks of fresh ku chai are right there at the stall.


Mr Gan has been working at this stall for over 20 years which was originally run by his mother.


If you are a ku chai kueh fan like me, check out Fu Xin Cooked Food stall. If you like your Teochew kueh clean tasting, mildly flavoured, nearly grease free, you may also like their other kueh too.

Restaurant name: Fu Xin Cooked Food 福兴熟食

Address: #01-142, Old Airport Road Food Centre, Singapore.
GPS: 1.308052, 103.886070
Hours: Tues to Weds 9:00am - 5:00pm | Thurs to Sun 9:00am - 9:00pm (closed on Mon)

Non Halal

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