Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Gourmet Habitat Cafe @ SUTD Singapore JK1373


Need food in SUTD? Coffee? or just a cosy place to chill in Singapore's newest, and prettiest university? At Gourmet Habitat located above the Student Lounge at the hostel block, you will find local favorites as well as hometown comfort foods in a mom and pop type of little cafe that will make you feel at home.


No kidding.

The family that runs this little gourmet habitat is passionate about making and serving food, and are living out their dream of running a little cafe.

You can feel their heart and soul in it - in the place and the food.

As mothers, I can feel that they almost dote on their customers, many of whom are SUTD students. (Gourmet Habitat is open to all. Public is welcome.)

I am not joking.

The food is not fanciful but you will love it because you can feel the love in it.


Gourmet Habitat serves several local favourites such as this signature Specialty Assam Chicken. SGD6.50 (student) SGD7.50 (public).

Every Nyonya family have their heirloom secret recipe of this dish.


New to Nyonya or Straits Chinese food?

Great! This is the perfect opportunity to get a first taste of this traditional Southeast Asian fusion cuisine.

Don't let that fiery looking sauce intimidate you.

It's actually very gentle on the taste buds with mildly sweet, sour and spicy flavours in good balance.


In today's truly global village, Waffle and Chicken is the comfort food of the global millennials.


Eggy home made waffle sweetened with honey to taste.


Savoury juicy fried chicken wings with a hint of spiciness.


Korean Kimchi Shabu Shabu SGD6.50 (student) SGD7.50 (public).


Japanese Style Rice SGD5.90 (student) SGD6.90 (public).


The family loves baking, so there is something different created everyday.


A generous slice of freshly baked Gourmet Habitat cake and a cup of hot aromatic Arabica coffee, a window seat overlooking the green courtyard, Gourmet Habitat is a good spot to take a break at SUTD.


Gourmet Habitat is very proud of this Summer Avalanche creation.


A lush green mountain made with pandan chiffon cake erupts an icy ball of coconut ice cream sending sweet creamy lava running down the sides to blend with the Gula Melaka below. Volcanic rocks of nutty chips complete the dramatic creation.


Just SGD4.90 nett (students) to enjoy this exciting sweet dessert. Public add just SGD1.

Gourmet Habitat is open to all - public is welcome. If you work near the Expo MRT station, you have a new lunch and coffee break place ;-D

Disclosure: Please note that this is an invited tasting.

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Restaurant name: Gourmet Habitat
Address: Block 57, Changi South Ave 1, #02-51, Singapore 485998  (Located just above the Student Lounge at hostel block 57)
GPS:  1.341797, 103.964528
Tel: 63851198 or 96928095
Hours: Mon – Fri: 11:00am – 9:00pm  / Sat: 12:00 noon – 5:00pm (Sun/PH: Closed) (Note: Business hours may change due to university schedule. Call to confirm.)

Non Halal

Dates visited: 9 Dec 2015, 19 Jan 2016

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