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Fried Kway Teow in Johor Bahru Setia Indah Ah Huat 啊发咖啡店 JK1449


We were enjoying our food at Ah Huat coffee shop in Setia Indah when an old auntie walked past us with a plate of fried kway teow and we caught a whiff of that unmistakable good char kway teow aroma. We couldn't resist a plate even though we were already very full.

在 Setia Indah, Jalan Setia 3/7 啊发咖啡店,周叔叔的大山脚风格炒粿条值得一尝。足够鑊氣, 充足香味, 充的材料。


We followed our noses and our ears peeled to the incessant clanking of the wok, tracing it to this little corner fried noodle stall.


Mr Chew, now 73, has been frying char kway teow for over half a century. He started in Bukit Mertajam (Penang), then to KL before landing in JB in 1983.


The looks of Mr Chew's fried kway teow (RM6) reminds me of those that I tasted in Bukit Mertajam (Penang).


I like it that Mr Chew uses lup cheong (Cantonese wax sausage) in his kway teow as they give the noodles an added layer of savouriness. There were 3 good size prawns.


The broad rice noodles were fried in a dark savoury house blended sauce and not overly greasy. The noodles have good wok hei 鑊氣 and the bean sprouts have a nice juicy crunch.


There were half a dozen fresh blood cockles, cooked through. Some large, some small. This was a larger one.


The essential pork lard crackles in the fried kway teow.


->> Fried kway teow is a very common hawker dish found everywhere in Johor. This Bukit Mertajam style one in Setia Indah is among the better CKT stalls here.

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Restaurant name: Fried Kway Teow stall in Ah Huat coffee shop 啊发咖啡店
Address: Jalan Setia 3/7, Taman Setia Indah, Johor Bahru 
GPS: 1.574143, 103.758238 / 1°34'26.9"N 103°45'29.7"E 
Hours: 7:00am to 2:00pm (Closed on Thurs)

Date visited: 1 Apr 2016  

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  1. I am a 76 year old Singaporean with close ties with Malaysia. My grandfather was from Melaka. During the Japanese Occupation in Singapore, we took asylum in Endau, Mersing. Obviously I am a Baba, which I consider as my dialect.

    I love Malaysia especially the foods and durians in Penanag. Currently I come to like the sea foods at Sabak Awor in Muar! For ease of the searching for foods, I wonder whether you can highlight the good foods by locations in yournetwork. Thanks. network.

    1. Dear Sir, thank you for visiting my blog. I have the food listed by type, by location and also by name of restaurant. You will be able to be see all these listings when you go to the WEB (DESKTOP) version of this blog. The list by type of food and by location is at the right hand side columns. The lists by restaurant name are at the bottom of the blog. Please let me know if you have any problem accessing the lists and I will work out another solution for you. Yours Sincerely, Tony.

  2. FOUND: Tried d CKT cos my all time fav b it as a meal or snack or supper. Ah Huat's kt so-so nia find it bit soggy n lack d wok heat taste. Not my liking👎. Tq for recommending tho. Am still searching for d best CKT in JB 😁


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