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Sungai Lembing Panorama Hill Sunrise, Rainbow Waterfall Trek & Famous Food! JK1661

I am joining Adventure Village's tour to Sungai Lembing in Pahang state, Malaysia. I am planning the food stops and slotting them into Adventure Village's itinerary 😁

As I have not been to Sungai Lembing before, the plan is based on web resources and advice from friends and Johor Kaki readers. Thank you 🙏 to friends who responded to my calls for help. When I return, I will re-blog about my Sungai Lembing trip with actual personal experiences on the ground.

Sungai Lembing was once a thriving tin mining town with the world's largest and deepest underground tin mine during it's heydays. The miners in the over 100 storey deep mines had to be cooled by splashing them with mountain water while they worked. But, the little town was forced to re-invent itself after the tin mines closed down in 1986 (that's not that long ago). 

Today, Sungai Lembing is a popular eco-tourism destination - many KLites and Singaporeans like to come to Sungai Lembing for it's famous Rainbow Waterfall, Panorama Hill and, of course, signature Sungai Lembing food. There are also other attractions like the town museum, hanging (suspension) bridge etc. Only about 4 - 5,000 people live in Sungai Lembing now but the population swells with tourists on weekends 😁

The Itinerary Plan (I expect the food plan to change as once we hit the ground, we defer to our eyes and noses, and refer to the plan as a fall back 😋 )


Day 1 🚌 Transfer from Singapore / JB to Sungai Lembing  

21:00hrs ✋Gather at meeting point (in Singapore) for the 6 - 7 hour overnight bus ride to Sungai Lembing

Day 2 👉Rainbow Waterfall

05:00hrs 🏠Arrive at Sungai Lembing town

05:30hrs 🍴Breakfast at Pasar Sungai Lembing. This is the only morning wet market in Sungai Lembing town and it has a popular hawker centre. Many of Sungai Lembing's well known dishes and famous hawkers are here and it's surrounds:

👍San Sui tofu 山水豆腐 and yong tau fu (super smooth tofu as it is made with "mountain water")
👍Sungai Lembing noodles 林明面 (old school hand made noodles)
👍Tomato noodles 番茄麵 (a local specialty created for homesick mat salleh mining bosses during Sungai Lembing's tin mining heydays. Today, it's a heritage cuisine of the town's tin mining legacy)
👍Egg Chee Cheong Fun 林明蛋香猪肠粉 (a local twist to the classic Cantonese rice roll)
👍San Sui tofu fa 山水豆腐花 (ultra smooth soya bean curd made with "mountain water")
👍Coconut biscuits 椰餅 and 蛋散 which are sugar glazed buttery crispy egg crullers (popular takeaway gifts)

06:15hrs 🏊💦Transfer to Rainbow Waterfall and catch rainbows forming at the waterfall. (The rainbows appear around 10:00am for just 30 minutes, so watch the timing to avoid disappointment.)

13:00hrs 🍴Late lunch

👍Hand made duck egg noodles 手工鴨蛋麵 - 林明茶馆 Kedai Tea Lembing

14:30hrs 🏠Check in at lodge

15:00hrs 🚌 Visit Kuantan Town

🎁🐟 Kuantan, a seaside town, is famous for it's dried and salted fish. There are many big and small shops selling this to locals and tourists.

17:30hrs 🍴Stop at Sungai Lembing's famous Ah Ding Roast Pork 林明阿定柴香烧肉 Jalan Geram Takar Tel: 017 909 3580 | 017 952 7473 | 09 5411 975

18:30hrs 🍢🍡Back to lodge for BBQ Dinner

22:00hrs 🏨 Early night

Day 3 🌄Panorama Hill Sunrise  

06:00hrs 🌄Trek up Panorama Hill (400m) for sunrise

08:00hrs 🍴Breakfast at Sungai Lembing Pork Balls 林明猪肉丸 - 376, Kolong Pahat, Tel: 019 729 5838

🍜Visit the Sungai Lembing Noodle factory next door. This factory supplies almost all the noodle stalls in Sungai Lembing. Buy some handmade noodles and hopefully catch some old school noodle making action in progress. 

Sungai Lembing's famous Mun Heng Bakery 蛋散 are also made near here at Jalan Sungai Lembing (main street).

The famous San Sui tofu fa 山水豆腐花 shop is also here in the same area.

09:30hrs 🏊💦Check out, proceed to another waterfall, time permitting. Head back to Singapore via JB

18:00hrs 🍴Dinner in JB

21:00hrs 👏Arrive in Singapore and good byes at dispersal point


The Adventure Village organises exciting trekking trips around Asia and beyond. Do join Adventure Village Facebook Group to be updated on their upcoming trips.

🙏This is a rough food trial plan - can you help me make it better with your suggestions? Thank you 😊

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