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MAXIS 4G Makan Lokal Johor Food Trail 1

MAXIS4GMakanLokal-Johor -Food -Trail 1

MAXIS is on a mission to uncover Malaysia's best-kept culinary secrets located at its 4G network coverage areas. The hunt started on 30 May 2016, and has been to the Klang Valley, Ipoh, Penang, East Malaysia and is now in Johor from 8 Sept onwards.

MAXIS 4G is partnering Johor Kaki to showcase some of Johor's best makan places. Track our food trail by following MAXIS on Instagram and #MAXIS4GMakanLokal.

And there's more! Stand a chance to win prizes from MAXIS by posting your own food porn photos taken at your favorite makan places on Instagram. To qualify, all you have to do is follow MAXIS on Instagram and hashtag your photos with #MAXIS4GMakanLokal.

Follow me on this part 1 of our food trail of Johor.

MAXIS4GMakanLokal-Johor -Food -Trail 1
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Pontian is a rustic little seaside town popular for it's seafood restaurants and also the famous Pontian wholesale fish market. MAXIS 4G has got Pontian well covered.

For many people outside of Pontian, the first time that come to mind about the little town in Johor is Pontian wanton noodle.

The Pontian style of wanton noodle is famous because it uses tomato ketchup as a key ingredient in it's signature sauce - many people just love this while others simply detest it.

Love it or loathe it, give it a try when you are in Pontian at Heng Heng shop run by the grandsons of the person who created this unique wanton noodle.

MAXIS4GMakanLokal-Johor -Food -Trail 1
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Of course, most of us have eaten satay but how about eating satay for breakfast? In Muar, Johor's Royal Town Bandar Maharani, the town folks like to eat their spicy charcoal grilled meat for brekky.

In Muar, I like to go to R & H Cafe for my satay brekky. It's conveniently located opposite the bus terminal. R & H Cafe has a nice garden type area at the back of the shop. It's a nice, relaxing place to enjoy freshly grilled chicken, beef or lamb satay which is lightly spiced, sweet, tender and with a bit of char at the edges. Eat it with R & H Cafe's satay sauce which is thick, sweet, nutty and lightly spiced. It's one of the best satay sauce I've tasted.

MAXIS4GMakanLokal-Johor -Food -Trail 1
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Do Do Do restaurant is just a couple of minutes off the Tangkak toll exit along the North-South Expressway. Do Do Do does beef in many innovative ways besides the traditional beef noodles in herbal broth. There's bak kut teh style beef in a claypot, stir fried beef (a la "dry" bak kut teh style) and even steamed beef. In whatever style, at Do Do Do, the herbal flavours are gentle and the tender beef done just right so that we can taste the natural beefiness in the juicy meat.

MAXIS4GMakanLokal-Johor -Food -Trail 1
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Yong Peng is a convenient driving stop for a break along the North-South Expressway between Johor Bahru / Singapore and Kuala Lumpur. Yong Peng is nicknamed "Little Foochow" as most of the Chinese town folk here are Foochow people.

Eng Hin bakery is a popular stop in Yong Peng as travellers like to drop by to buy traditional Foochow biscuits here. Remember to get some old school Foochow kompia - it's a simple sweet or savoury spongy bread eaten with tea or coffee. Eng Hin also makes very good springy egg noodles which we can buy and cook at home.

MAXIS4GMakanLokal-Johor -Food -Trail 1
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There are two famous nasi lemak names in Kulai, Johor - Wak Kentut and Yellow Corner. Both have their loyal following. I like both and I give Yellow Corner a slight edge for their greater consistency.

Nutty white rice gently perfumed with coconut milk topped with a fried egg and served with a crispy fried drumstick or breast which is juicy inside. Yellow Corner's sambal chili is mildly spicy and have that lovely distinctive anchovy taste.

Look out for part 2 of MAXIS 4G Makan Lokal Johor Food Trail for more of delicious Johor k...

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Date: 8 Sept 2016

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