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MAXIS 4G Makan Lokal Johor Food Trail 2 with Johor Kaki

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The signature here at Rahmat at Kampung Pasir Putih is their deep fried siakap goreng. For RM30, we get a huge fresh sea bass, gutted and simply deep fried with scales on. The outside is fried till a golden brown crisp while the white flesh inside is tender and moist - the fried siakap was smoking steam when we broke the scaly skin. There's a bit of the characteristic sea bass earthiness but the meaty fish mainly tastes sweet and savoury. The accompanying pulpy house made sambal chili dip is excellent, savoury not too spicy. Rahmat also has the popular deep fried large prawns. We love the kampung ambiance here and enjoy a constant sea breeze as the restaurant is set on stilts over the seaside.

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Loke Tien Yuen restaurant is synonymous with seafood in Mersing, the breezy, sunny little Johor seaside town facing the South China Sea. The old style coffee shop is lovingly kept, the old 1960s style mosaic floor tiles, and old school aromas and flavours make eating at Loke Tien Yuen like a trip back in time. Loke Tien Yuen has no written menu and you must call Margaret at +607 799 1639 to reserve your dishes and table (she speaks English, Malay, Cantonese, Mandarin). It's worth the effort as the Cantonese style seafood is fresh and skilfully executed by owner chef Henry creating alluring flavours that accentuate the natural taste of the fresh food.

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Hiap Joo bakery's banana cake is a must try for visitors to Johor Bahru. The banana cakes are made with all natural ingredients - no synthetic essence, no preservatives - real bananas 😊 The banana cakes are baked in a 90+ year old wood fired brick oven. The deep brown skin has a slight smokey flavour from the wood smoke. The cake is light and fluffy though it is moist. The flavours are mild with natural banana aroma and sweetness. Hiap Joo is located at Jalan Tan Hiok Nee, JB's historic culture street.

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There are lots of min chiang kueh or apam balik stalls in Malaysia and Singapore, but this stall in Batu Pahat stands out - I think about it often as I love it so much 😋 The boss makes a thin, crispy min chiang kueh where the golden brown crust crackles outside while the inside is tender and bouncy like a pin cushion. Between the folds, it is moist with a special blended greasy savoury sauce and toasty nuttiness from crushed toasted peanuts. This min chiang kueh is also not overly sugary.


Hock Hin's poached fish in Tampoi is a JB signature - a must try for visitors. The fresh fish is dunked in a large pot of boiling water. The cooked fish is then splashed with light soy sauce and oil, then smothered with a thick blanket of freshly fried golden brown garlic bits. Fans love Hock Hin's naturally sweet fresh fish flavours accentuated with a mildly flavoured savoury sauce and complemented by aromatic, savoury subtly bitter fried garlic crisps.

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Date: 22 Sept 2016

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