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Brunch in JB Johor Bahru at Marco Polo Kitchen in Bukit Indah ⭐⭐⭐✱✱


Taking advantage of the bright sunny Saturday morning, we dropped by at Marco Polo Kitchen in Bukit Indah for a leisurely brunch (available only on Sat & Sun).


Brunch at Marco Polo Kitchen is a popular idea, judging by the crowd on this random Saturday morning.

The interior of Marco Polo Kitchen is simply laid out. Raw cement floor, simple but comfortable furniture.


The huge bar and large brick walls gave the restaurant an elegant yet casual feel. 

The full length windows flood the inside with warm natural light and a bit of greenhouse effect.


We first met Head Chef Roni during our previous visit last year. Chef Roni had worked in hotels in Kuala Lumpur and was with Thistle Hotel in JB before joining Marco Polo Kitchen as Head Chef.


We started with the Caesar Salad (RM21.99++). It's a huge serving of greens topped with grilled turkey, turkey bacon, croutons, Parmesan cheese - a meal in itself.


The lettuce were crunchy sweet and the salad sauce was oh... so... delightful. The light sauce was gently savoury sweet with anchovy taste.


The grilled turkey breast cut into strips was tender and have a nice roasty taste from the slight browning outside.


For appetiser, we had this Eggplant Chip (RM15.99++). We like it that the cheese crusted nibbles come with various dips at no additional charge - we only need to ask.

1. The classic house blended Thousand Island dressing is normally served with the eggplant chips. It tastes salty, sweet and sour with spicy notes.

2. The aromatic sauce is Lady's Choice REAL Mayo blended with fragrant lemon peel, lime leaves, spices etc. It tastes delightfully refreshing with sourish sweet balanced with a bit of saltiness.


3. The sesame blended sauce is Lady's Choice REAL Mayo mixed with toasted sesame. It tastes savoury, sweet, sour with underlying aromatic sesame taste. I love this.

4. The zesty sauce is mayo blended with finely chopped pineapple - it tastes zingy sweet, sour and savoury.

5. The tartar sauce is sour, salty and sweet.


Of course, there is also regular chili and ketchup, but why eat these when we can have the interesting MP house blended mayo sauces 😝


MP Breakfast Combo (RM18.99++).


Two sunny side up (we can choose scrambled eggs too), soft savoury chicken sausage, juicy roasted tomato, soft baked beans, spongy savoury mushrooms, beef bacon, toast slices and hash brown.


Poached Egg Salmon (RM18.99++).


It's a thick slice of toast topped with thick strips of smoked salmon and crowned with golden yellow runny poached eggs. Sides include soft baked beans, juicy grilled tomato, and crunchy fresh vegetables.


RM88.55 with GST and service charge included. I feel it's reasonable for the food and environment.

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3-Star (out of 5). Marco Polo Kitchen in Bukit Indah is a nice place for a simple relaxing brunch in a comfortable setting and at a reasonable price. I like their interesting mayo dips which are provided for fried dishes at no additional cost. (Remember to ask for it.) MP's Caesar Salad is also one of my favourites. (Brunch is served on Sat & Sun only.)


Restaurant name: The Marco Polo Kitchen 
Address: No. 35, Jalan Indah 15/2, Taman Bukit Indah, Johor Bahru, Malaysia 
GPS:  1.482513, 103.660577 
Hours: Mon - Thu: 11:30 am - 11:00 pm | Fri: 11:30 am - 2:00 am | Sat: 10:00 am - 2:00 am | Sun: 10:00 am - 11:00 pm 
Phone:  +607 234 3111

No pork, no lard, no Halal cert  

Dates visited: 7 Apr 2015, 21 Oct 2016

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  1. We went for dinner a few years back. The food was forgettable. They may have change the chef since then

    1. try MP again. i feel their food has gotten better.


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