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Singapore to Broga Hill & Gunung Tok Wan Trekking Itinerary

Wikipedia photo of Broga Hill

I am joining a trekking trip to Broga Hill and Gunung Tok Wan near Kuala Lumpur organised by The Adventure Village. Trekking is a hobby I like to indulge in whenever the opportunity arises. 

The highlights of this weekend escape are Broga Hill & Gunung Tok Wan, Titi town for traditional Hakka food, Kuala Selangor Firefly Park, and Ampang yong tau foo.

(This post is based only on The Adventure Village's itinerary and online resources. When I return from the trek, I will blog about my personal experience from the weekend escape.)

Day 1 Friday night 

Depart Singapore on overnight coach to Broga Hill  

Broga Hill is about 400m high (compared to Bukit Timah which is 163m high). The nearest town to Broga Hill is Semenyih which is about 45 minutes drive from Kuala Lumpur. Broga Hill is a popular picnic and trekking destination with city folks due to it's proximity to KL.

Semenyih town Wikipedia photo

Day 2 Saturday

5am Arrive in Semenyih. Wash up, toilet and breakfast 

6am Arrive at Broga Hill Entrance (due east of Semenyih)

6am to 1pm Hike up Broga Hill (followed by Gunung Tok Wan)

While Broha Hill is bald and treeless, Gunung Tok Wan (which is higher at 675 metres) has some leafy canopy. The well worn tracks are crisscrossed by tree roots in some places.

2pm Descend and proceed to Titi town (due east of Gunung Tok Wan) for food

Founded in 1838, Titi (which means bridge in Malay) was a gold and tin mining town during it's heyday. The main community here are Hakkas of the Siow clan, whose forefathers came to Titi as coolies to work the tin mines. So, Titi is also known as Siow Village to the locals.

Titi town's main street is still known by it's old name Jalan Kim Loong 金龍 which means "gold dragon" - a legacy from the era when the town was overflowing with prosperity from the (now defunct) gold and tin mines.

The main cuisine here at Titi are Hakka dishes. There are Hakka char yok (deep fried pork), "puppy duck" which is a duck stew, Hakka kau yok (stewed pork belly), Cai Koh (Hakka kuih) etc. The "puppy duck" dish is so called because duck is substituted for dog used in the dish long ago.

Popular eating spots in Titi 👉

Cai Koh (Hakka kuih) 👉 Soong Seng. 120 Jalan Besar Titi, Jelebu. 11:30am to 5pm. No fixed off day. Tel: 017-6159659

Cai Koh (Hakka kuih) 👉 No name kuih stall. 126, Jalan Besar Titi, Jelebu. 12pm to 4pm. Tel: 017-2723006

Mah chee chang (Hakka snack similar to Cantonese sat kei mah) 👉 Fruit stall. 124, Jalan Besar Titi, Jelebu. Tel: 014-2248036

Mah chee chang 👉 马 发 贸 易 Ma Fatt Trading. 97, Jalan Besar Titi, Jelebu. Tel: 012-762 4827

Hakka char yok, "puppy duck", kau yok 👉 Restoran Kong Sin Seafood. 1A, Jalan Lama, Hosapa, Titi, Jelebu. Lunch & dinner. Tel: 017-8983335

Hakka char yok, "puppy duck", kau yok 👉 Restoran Boon Swee. 8A, Jalan Kim Loong, Hosapa, Titi, Jelebu. Lunch and dinner. Tues off. Tel: 012-3364343

Cendol 👉 Leman Cendol Titi. Shack off the road between Taman Naga Emas & Taman Desa Permai, Titi, Jelebu. 12.30pm to 6.30pm. Sat & Sun off. Tel: 012-3803092  

After eating and tidbit shopping, head to hotel in KL.


4pm Arrive and check into hotel, wash up 

5pm Depart for Kuala Selangor

Sights include Bukit Melawati (to see the historic Altingsburg Lighthouse), silvered leaf monkeys and long-tailed macaques as well as excellent panoramic views of the Selangor coastline.

a. Kuala Selangor Fishing Village 

b. Seafood dinner at Firefly Park Resort Kampung Bukit Belimbing  

c. Firefly Tour on a boat ride 8:30pm - 9:30pm (life jacket provided)

d. Fishing Village - can buy local titbits and knick knacks

11pm Arrive back at hotel in KL   

Day 3 Sunday 

10am Check out of hotel


Brunch in Ampang (KL) for Ampang style yong tau foo where it all started 👈 click

5pm - Arrive in Singapore

Disclosure: This post is based wholly on online research. I have never been to Broga Hill or Gunung Tok Wan before. After I return from this trek, I will post a new article based on my personal experience.


The Adventure Village organises exciting trekking trips around Asia and beyond. 

To be updated on their upcoming trips join Adventure Village Facebook Group 👈 click

Date: 26 Oct 2016

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  1. hi Tony, this will certainly come in handy for the school holidays. Looking forward to your updates. Before that, have a safe trip and good outing. :)


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