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Teck Teh Bak Kut Teh in Klang 德地肉骨茶


Got up at the crack of dawn and went to Klang this morning to continue our bak kut teh exploration. Kedai Makanan Teck Teh was our second BKT stop this morning. I like Teck Teh's shop a lot because it is so rustic and quaint. The whole experience feels so authentic, from the BKT, rickety old shop, the regular customers, the sound of Hokkien banter and even the nonchalant style of the boss  😃


The over 50 year old signboard still hangs at Teck Teh's shop. Mr Lee Boon Teh 李文地 came to Klang from Fujian China in the 1940s and started selling bak kut teh. Mr Lee's bak kut teh was meant as a fortifying herbal tonic, hence Klang BKT always has that signature herbal taste.

Mr Lee Boon Teh has seven sons and his great grandchildren now run over a dozen different bak kut teh businesses in Klang, KL and beyond.


Teck Teh 德地 run by Mr Lee Boon Teh's great grandson assisted by Teh's great great grandsons is one of them. 

Seng Huat - the famous BKT shop under the flyover just around the corner 100 metres away is another - run by another third generation Lee, transiting to the fourth generation.


We can enjoy Teck Teh's bak kut teh inside the 50 year old coffee shop with vintage mosaic tile floor, tacky yellowing white wall tiles, folding iron panels etc which oozes 1960s British Malaya nostalgia. Teck Teh is founded by Mr Lee Boon Teh in the 1940s and he moved to this premise in the 1950s - this is thus the oldest BKT shop in Klang now.


Alternatively, we can enjoy Teck Teh's bak kut teh at the side lane beside the bare red bricks of the corner shop. This is where it gets really interesting. 

There is a row of little stalls here serving various old school breakfast. There's a stall selling coffee, soft boiled eggs, toast and nasi lemak. An Indian stall serving thosai, roti canai and teh tarik. There is also a Hainanese  curry rice stall. 

Customers may eat their Teck Teh bak kut teh at these stalls and so can enjoy a coffee or toast with their BKT. This old side lane is quite cool in the morning and I am not just referring to the heat.


To order, just tell friendly but reserved Mr Lee at the cooking station, the type of cut that you want - there's ribs, belly, shank, trotter, elbow, intestines etc Go back to your table and your food will be served to you.

We had a shoulder blade and elbow for RM31. Teck Teh doesn't provide chili, garlic or even soy sauce - but I didn't miss them 😀 Oh... there's also no preserved vegetable, no you char kway, no nothing except bak kut teh, white rice and tea (sold separately).


Teck Teh's BKT brownish broth has a collagen thickened medium body like a light syrup. It tastes savoury with some sweetness and slight herbal taste. Only half bowl and no refills 😂


If you like lean meat then this shoulder blade is for you. The meat is quite firm though still moist. Porcine sweetness is mild as is the savoury herbal taste from the broth.


I love the elbow as it has plenty of skin and fat with only a bit of lean meat 😱 The fat and skin is spongy and soft. It's porky sweetness complements and balances the savoury sweet herbalness of the broth. Love this elbow, my favourite BKT cut 😋

👉 There are lots of variations of the basic bak kut teh served at different BKT shops. All have their own loyal following based on individual taste buds. At Teck Teh, I like the savoury sweet herbal broth, but I am even more in love with the special ambiance here. This laid back little shop tucked in an old back street in Klang seemed to have not changed much for half a century. I like places that connect me with my childhood in the 1960s.


Kedai Makanan Teck Teh's time worn signboard is not visible from the street. But, that doesn't really matter as most of Teck Teh's customers are locals and regulars. If you are new here, your GPS will take you right to the doorstep.


Restaurant name: Kedai Makanan Teck Teh
Address: Jalan Stesen 1, Klang, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS: 3°02'33.6"N 101°26'53.9"E | 3.042660, 101.448297
Waze: Teck Teh Bakuteh
Hours: 6:30am to 2:00pm

Non Halal

Date visited: 13 Nov 2016

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