Tuesday, 24 January 2017

Exotic Game Dishes @ Lembah Bernam Sekinchan. Discover Selangor


Restoran Lembah Bernam was one of the many interesting places we visited with Tourism Selangor under the Discover Selangor, Heart of Malaysia campaign. This is a Must Visit restaurant for exotic game meat lovers.


We were greatly anticipating this meal as our gracious host Md Saad Mahsah Saad, Tourism Selangor's Product Business Development Manager was telling us about this interesting restaurant since we arrived in Subang for the Discover Selangor, Heart of Malaysia programme. Md Saad was telling us about the exotic meats like deer and porcupine. Porcupine really caught my attention as I had never tried it before. I was also looking forward to the catfish as it is one of my favourite fishes.


Restoran Lembah Bernam is a large street side eatery along Jalan Main Canal, Tali Air 9, Sekinchan, Pasir Panjang, Selangor.


Restoran Lembah Bernam is popular with locals and also visitors. Unpretentious, rustic, spacious and cool under the thatched attap roof.


The wide range of dishes is self served as is typical of Malay nasi campur places. Customers help themselves to what catches their fancy and the bill is totalled up before eating.


Md Saad planned a really sumptuous spread for us.


My favourite was the Ikan Baung in tempoyak or catfish in curry with durian. The sweetish curry was mildly spicy and blended well with durian flavour. The curry was gentle enough for us to still taste the soft catfish meat's natural sweetness. There was little, if any, of the characteristic earthiness of catfish.


Curry Rusa or deer meat in curry. The spices though gentle was enough to mask the deer's natural flavour. The meat was a little stiff like over done beef and tasted only of the spices. I wish I could taste a bit of the deer's natural flavour.


Rendang Landak or Porcupine Rendang which I was so looking forward to. The meat was cut into bite size chunks and cooked in rather robust curry spices and coconut milk. It was also greasy from the cooking oil.

The texture of porcupine meat was tender and felt like beef in the mouth. There were small prickly hard as well as soft cartilaginous bones. I couldn't make out the natural taste of porcupine as it was fully masked by the strong spices.


Medium size udang galah (river prawns) lightly coated in spiced batter and fried till the shells were crisp. The meat had dried out from the frying, so the natural prawn flavours were gone but I enjoyed the crispy fried batter and flavoursome spices 😋

😂 Forgot to take a picture of the Ayam Kampung Goreng Garing (spiced chicken) which was fried to a crisp. The well browned pieces of fried battered chicken were dry and crispy - it is a popular snack for its spicy flavour as well as biscuit like crisp and chewy texture.


👉 When I pass this way next time, I would go for the Lembah Bernam experience again. I enjoyed the local ambiance, exotic meats as well as traditional Malay dishes here. Lembah Bernam has other game and exotic meat like mouse deer, rabbit, eel etc which I hope to try 😋


Restaurant name: Restoran Lembah Bernam
Address: Jalan Main Canal, Tali Air 9, Sekinchan, Pasir Panjang, Selangor, Malaysia
GPS3°34'23.9"N 101°07'00.4"E  3.573316, 101.116779
Tel: +60 17-285 8603
Hours: 11:00am to 5:00pm (Friday closed)


Date visited: 21 Jan 2017

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    Ps. Very surprised that muslims eat exotic meat. Thought it was non-halal to them.

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