Thursday, 9 February 2017

Ah Hsian Charcoal Roasts. Megah Ria. Johor Bahru 阿賢炭燒臘


Went to Taman Megah Ria for a brunch of charcoal roasts by Ah Hsian.


Stall holder Ah Hsian (Jackson) has been working at his father's chicken rice and roasts stall in Desa Petaling near Kuala Lumpur since he was a teen. He came to Johor Bahru to set up his own stall just last July.


Ah Hsian does all his roasting with charcoal at the little stall.


I actually come to Ah Hsian's stall hoping to try his "crystal" char siew but he didn't have that cut this morning. (We were craving KL "crystal" char siew after our last trip there.) So, we settled for his regular cut which is still tender and juicy with a mix of fat and lean meat. The marination is mildly sweet savoury and we can still taste a little of the pork's natural sweetness.


Ah Hsian's siew yok has nice crackly golden brown skin, tender lean meat and juicy fat. The savoury seasoning is mild so that we can taste a bit of natural porky sweetness.


Fried chicken splashed with savoury sweet sauce. Soft wet crisp skin with tender juicy meat inside.


Ah Hsian's rice cooked in chicken stock with garlic, ginger etc is tender, fluffy yet has some firmness. I like it.

His fresh chili sauce has a nice sharp sting with sourness from squeezed lime and added spice from ginger. Nice.


👉 Good little roast stall. Roasts are tender and juicy. Seasoning flavours are mild which I like as it allows me to taste the natural pork or chicken flavours. Didn't have any "crystal" char siew today. Shall be coming back for it 😃


Restaurant name: Ah Hsian Charcoal Roasts stall inside Restoran Selamat Datang kopitiam 阿賢炭燒臘.客人来美食坊
Address: Jalan Jelatang 14, Taman Megah Ria, Johor Bahru
GPS1°29'21.5"N 103°50'56.3"E | 1.489305, 103.848980
Tel: 011 2662 4250 (Jackson)
Hours: 7:00am to 2:00pm (alternate Mon off)

Non Halal

Date: 9 Feb 2017


  1. Please provide a map showing location of the stall. It is more helpful than the GPS reference.

    1. You can just copy the address and paste it on Google map. Anyway this stall is just nearby my house. It is next to Xing xing long foodcourt in Megah Ria.

  2. Stall is closed or moved to another place.


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